Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eating Like I'm French

You may remember that I've been on the Get More Fit, Thin and Hot plan for approximately six months.

Six months this Thursday.

At noon.

In addition to being preoccupied by food, I am also convinced that somewhere out there exists the Perfect Way To Eat.  With enough research and experimenting, I am sure to find it.  

Let me go on record to say that B-man is the most patient person on the planet.  If I were him, my constant phases, experiments and epiphanies would send me screaming down the street.

For example, I currently eat like a French person, and I'm reading a book about how the French don't diet.  In spite of the rich food and wine, the French continue to have less heart disease and rare cases of obesity.  

They simply relax and enjoy great food in moderation.

Mais Oui.

Through all of my food adventures, B-man remains cool as a cucumber...which the French also eat, by the way.

B-man:  I thought you were on the Paleo diet plan.

Me:  That was so last week.

B-man:  What about the eating six times a day plan?

Me:  I'm eating like a French person now.

Him:  Does that mean you will keep eating butter?

Me:  Yeah, the French eat butter.

Him:  Because we have a lot of butter in the fridge.

Me:  I know, but the French prefer unsalted butter.

Him:  What do you suggest we do with the salted butter?

Me:  Do we have any cheese?

Him:  You said you weren't eating cheese.

Me:  But the French eat cheese.

Him:  I suppose you're going to drink red wine, too.

Me:  I am, actually.

Him:  You don't even like red wine.

Me:  Well, I do now.

Him:  Why don't you be in charge of buying the cheese?

So far, this new way of eating is everything I dreamed it would be.  As I've told B-man, I'm certain I have found the Holy Grail of food.

I'm on day three.

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  1. Yes, I remember reading about that. The person explaining it on TV said that the French only eat good food, the best stuff, so the smaller amounts are more satisfying. Great idea, but most of the time what I have available to me is not very good.

  2. I'm a big proponent of eating richer food (as in higher in fat and protein, lower in sugar and processed carbs) which is much more satisfying/filling, so you ultimately eat less. I also eat less with a glass of wine on the table, because I have to put my fork down more often. :)

  3. That fact that the college feeds us for free is the only thing that keeps this from being a scene from my house -- except that David would want to be in charge of cheese acquisition.

  4. Hi kjanicki - you're right, it takes focus and attention to make sure you have the right food available. But I have to say, I love eating delicious, quality food - and less truly is more when that piece is done right. Wish me luck!

  5. Elisa, this is all new to me, but I love it! It's amazing how little you eat - or even want - when the food itself it high quality, rich and delicious. I'm liking it a lot.

  6. Hi Diana, I suppose many of us have had similar conversations around food. Cool that the university feeds you for free, though! Eating well and thoughtfully does take attention and some level of focus, which I find strangely appealing.



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