Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Curse of Perfume Inertia

Yup, I have it again.  Perfume inertia.  Not exactly the fuck-its, but close.

I'm still wearing perfume - or sniffing - daily, but it's not 'doing me' like it's supposed to.  Plus, since I've been buying like a lunatic, my collection contains new perfumes that I Simply Had To Have that have never made it onto my skin.

Inner Critic has a whole bag of 'What a dumb ass.'

One thing is certain; Daphne is on a break, refusing to get twitterpated over anything.  She did perk up when I layered Estee Lauder's Knowing with Demeter Dirt, but with her, enough is never enough.  

Then all she wanted was, 'layer Dirt with this, layer Dirt with that.'  Fifteen scent strips later, Daphne was workin' my last nerve.

This isn't the first time inertia has hit, but every time it does, I fear that perfume will lose its appeal forever.  I will suddenly be content to hang out with the unspritzed and uninspired masses.

Then you'll have to shoot me.

How do you deal with Perfume Inertia?

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  1. I think you shouldn't worry but enjoy the time off. There is no way it is going to last. Once you get hooked on perfume, it never lets go. :D
    I go through periods when I have no wish to try and smell anything and everything I do smell is just blah.
    And then one day, I smell a sample, and I'm in love with world again (because that's what a really good perfume does, makes you love the perfume and the world that made it come to life).

  2. "This isn't the first time inertia has hit, but every time it does, I fear that perfume will lose its appeal forever" - EXACTLY!

    Perfume inertia has stuck me a couple of times and it sends me into a panic. For me, it comes from being overwhelmed by the amount of perfume I have, the amount of perfume I want, all the blogs I read etc...

    When the inertia hits, I usually clear out my Perfumed Court wish list, take a break from reading the blogs that concentrate mostly on new releases, and make a few perfume care packages for friends and family.

    It's the "wanting" that really takes the enjoyment out of perfume for me. If I spent more time embracing the wonderful perfumes I have (many of which are generous gifts from several lovely perfumistas out there -you included!) instead of chasing some elusive juice from days of your, perhaps inertia wouldn't hit me so hard.

    I hope your perfume inertia fades fast, and Daphne gets over her Dirt obsession.

  3. CRINGING at my typo. That's days of "YORE", not "your".

  4. I second what Ines and JoanElaine said. I take a break, only read blogs about perfume I know and or have, and take a deep breath.

    (Obviously I have a bit of Perfume Inertia now, given that I haven't posted about perfume in a coupla weeks!)

  5. Hi Josephine,

    Great pic of sybaritic puss 'n' Bud!

    I don't think you should feel any need to "deal" with perfume inertia as such - just let it pass naturally, as surely it will...

  6. Love the beer-swilling cat. :)

    Me, I wait. There always seems to be a period, during season transitions, when I mostly lose interest in perfumes. Then something shifts, the season makes up its mind to solidify, and i love perfume again.

  7. To all of you, thanks for your encouragement to simply wait out the inertia. History has proven that it does pass, and my love for perfume returns as strong as ever.

    Good to know other people deal with this, too.

    Now I want a cat that drinks Bud Light.



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