Friday, April 22, 2011

Perfumista Recruiting Success Story

I have a new boss.

And she's fantastic.  

This pisses me off just a little because she got the promotion that eluded me. 

Now I know why.

When she first began, I was a bit skeptical and I reserved judgment until we got past the honeymoon phase.  But she was engaging from the very beginning.

She's also a storyteller.  

People are divided into two groups:

1)  Let me make my point through telling a story.
2)  Just get to the freakin' point. 

I happen to be in category #2, so it took me awhile to figure out how to adjust my style of 'bottom line me, please' to her style of 'that reminds me of...'

One thing I did notice from the start is that she wears perfume every day.  She's an Estee Lauder fan (Sensuous, Pleasures, Beautiful) and she also came out with Ferragamo F, a perfume that I scrubbed and returned after the first wearing.   

On her, it was really nice.

Little Miss Perfect.

Honestly, she kinda is.  She's funny, brilliant and more supportive than any other boss I've had.  Ever.

She pronounces 'sillage' wrong, but still. 

We have bonded over perfume.

To show my appreciation, and lure her further into Perfumistaville, I decanted three spray samples (I'm not about to screw things up by suggesting she dab):

Rykiel Woman
Kenzo Amour
Kelly Caleche

She loves Kelly Caleche and said, 'I want to bathe in it.'  I suspected this one might suit her and challenge her nose just enough.

Score one for me.

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  1. My boss is a man so I do not want to influence him, but I do not exercise the same restrain with co-workers and those who work for me. Love for perfume is clearly contagious! And I'm proud of my accomplishments so far: a couple of people started using perfumes almost every day, a couple get a better variety of perfumes and one stop using a perfume that was too strong for the office.

  2. GOOD FOR YOU. (And for her, too.)

    I may be in the process of converting my sister-in-law. She's worn Dune for years, so she's got good taste anyway. But for her birthday recently, I gave her a small bottle of Pamplelune, as well as decants of some of my easier, more summery scents (Paris Pont des Amours, Hanae Mori Haute Couture). She loved them all, and commented that most fragrances at the department stores don't smell good to her these days. She'd been wondering if it was her nose, and I assured her it wasn't...

  3. Hi Undina - I love your story of perfume influence! I have found that people with any interest in perfume at all want to know more and expand their experience. Plus, it's so much fun to find a willing pupil! I'm no expert, but know enough to be helpful...and a little dangerous. Well done on your part!

  4. Muse, hello! It sounds like your sister-in-law is a success story waiting to happen. You are the queen of beautiful, feminine scents so she'll be lucky to have your mentoring. It feels so good when we can spread the love of perfume around a little - good to see you!



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