Monday, April 18, 2011

Rumeur by Lanvin: Mainstream Marvel

On occasion, I try to be a perfume snob.  Honestly, I suck at it.  I have a hard time naming specific notes and often smell things that no one else does anyway.

Daphne sniffs to the beat of her own drum.

Rumeur came my way as one of several mainstream perfumes ordered during a recent 15% off frenzy. 

After smelling it on a scent strip, I promptly put it away, because on paper, Rumeur is artificial and plastic, like a rose at the dollar store with the Gumby stem. 

But on my skin, wow!

Even though it starts as a pleasant-but-generic white floral, Rumeur becomes more and more interesting over time.  Rose is there, but so is jasmine and a hint of Fracas without the licorice.  

And hello, strawberry daiquiri. 

In addition to all that, it'  This surprise element keeps teasing me throughout the day, like a rogue dandelion in a petunia patch. 

Rumeur has nice sillage and great lasting power.  Something about today's rain brought out the best in this perfume and also assured me that the green, gorgeous days of Spring are right around the corner.

Daphne has a new little friend.

What perfumes have surprised you lately?

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  1. I surprised myself twice this week by trying layering combinations of perfumes I rarely wear, and liking both: Tea Rose + J'adore, and Par Amour + PdN Vanille Tonka (the latter smelled a bit like raspberries!)

  2. Alien by Thierry Mugler. When I tried it first after the release I didn't like it at all. So I forgot about it and didn't even try to approach it again. But recently I sniffed it again... And unexpectedly liked it a lot. Probably not enough to buy a FB but probably a mini bottle will find its way into my collection.

  3. Elisa, that's awesome! I dabble with layering myself, especially when wondering how to wear those bottles of sad looking, neglected perfumes...

    My best layering success so far is Tea Rose (which layers well with many) and Sur le Nil. Yum. I can imagine Tea Rose and J'adore are great together!

  4. Undina, hello! Alien is very pretty and has grown on me as well. My nose seems to change and morph all the time so that perfume is always a new experience. I like that!

  5. Yes, I need to start layering Tea Rose with everything. I wonder how it would work with Bulgari Black ...

  6. Ok... Now I have to buy a bottle of Tea Rose - I keep hearing about it in a good context again and again... And it won't break a bank... Why am I so impressionable?!

  7. Elisa, Tea Rose with Bulgari Black? That actually sounds kind of cool. I'm thinking Tea Rose with Hiris or Dirt might be nice, too.

  8. Undina, you MUST buy a bottle of Tea Rose - it's really lovely! Like you, I kept reading about it and was still pleasantly surprised when I first smelled it on my own skin. Unlike Ombre Rose, which I have not yet had the courage to put on my skin - I can't get past the powdery smell on the spray nozzle...



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