Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Latest Wild Hair: Painting The House

I never knew B-man's parents, but they live on through his stories.  Especially his mother, Ethel.

Ethel was a feisty woman with a ton of energy who sometimes took matters into her own hands...right until she became distracted and moved on to something else.  

Once, she got a wild hair and painted the bathroom bright orange while everyone else was out of town. 

Makes sense to me.

Currently, I am Lit Up about painting the interior of our house.  We have wallpaper in some areas that, frankly, humiliates me to think about.  Why haven't we pulled it all down and painted before now?

Well, let's see...

1)  Indecision
2)  Drinking wine on Big Red
3)  TJ Maxx
4)  Overwhelmed by the project
5)  Denial

But those days are over - we are painting this house!

B-man wisely wants to start downstairs, then move methodically, one room at a time, until we finish sometime in the next...well, sometime.


I, on the other hand, am staying way on top of things by planning each new room, but not in sequence.  

Sequence is boring. 

Instead, when we talked on the phone yesterday, I drove B-man crazy about creating more storage, moving furniture from upstairs to downstairs and vice versa.  

And what's the right color?  And we need to look at magazines and talk to people and think this through and discuss it a lot, don't you think?

Well, don't you?!

B-man:  Jesus, I married my mother.

Me:  Well, then you should be used to this.

B-man:  I'll just wait until the flame dies down.

Me:  Look, I'm happy to do this by myself.

B-man:  Oh, my God, now you're scaring me.

Me:  Seriously, I will.

B-man:  You'll lose interest half way through.

Me:  No way, I'm on it this time.

B-man:  Remember the sewing machine?

Me:  Um, no, actually, I don't.

B-man:  Uh-huh.

Me:  Hey, I could still use it one day.

B-man:  You need a little kitty toy to keep you busy.

Me:  Like the picture I used on my blog awhile ago?

B-man:  (Big laugh) Yeah, I forgot about that.

Me:  It did look fun, and I'm pretty easy to entertain.

B-man:  True.

Me:  I hate that you know that about me.

Fine, we'll proceed a step at a time.  And I won't take matters into my own hands.  Not yet.

image from hollywoodoutbreak.com


  1. This was hilarious and I can sooo relate! Get out yer brush and paint, girl! B-man was funny, and much calmer than my DH when I talk about home improvements. The color of the walls, curtains, etc. really have an impact on me. My husband probably couldn't tell you what color they are unless he is looking right at them. And the wallpaper with little flowers on it...[shudder] has got to go. Honestly, I would make some real changes to the interior of my home if he would only get out of the house once in a while. Good luck and go wild!

  2. I think spring is making people think about... paint! Or perhaps we just finally notice that in addition to the walls closing in, they also need to be a different color! I am searching for a painter as we speak, cause all I want to do is choose swatches and then I am OUT! We will have to compare painting notes soon!

  3. I painted a single room in my whole life (well, a half of it since I was doing it in a tandem with my co-worker who offered her help and guidance). If I can help it, I hope to never do it again.
    But good luck with your endeavor :)

  4. Hilarious! Thanks for that handy list of excuses!

    We moved into our house years ago and have only painted a total of two rooms. We had to peel the awful wallpaper off first - what a chore.

  5. Hi queen_cupcake - I'm usually the one who doesn't notice decorating details, which may be why we have put off this process so long. Still feeling gung-ho today so that's a good sign. Thanks for your encouragement!

  6. Hey Mermaid - your system sounds much simpler. But I'm too cheap to pay someone to do it, since we have the time and equipment here, hence my visions of grandeur. Still, when one factors in laziness and all of the distractions I have listed, I suspect you'll be enjoying new decor while we're still steaming off wallpaper. Yes, let's compare notes soon!

  7. Undina, I can see myself having the same experience as you...but thanks for your good luck wishes!

  8. JoanElain, hello! We've done the kitchen and a large room downstairs (like you, exactly two rooms), but have many more to go. I want to do them quickly, like pulling off a band-aid, but suspect our progress will be a bit slower. And that wallpaper peeling? Jeez...what a pain.



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