Thursday, April 14, 2011

If Only I Could Call Her

 Mucketypalooza has come to an end.

Everything went as planned.

Jardin en Mediterranee, by Hermes, accompanied me through yesterday and today.  It is my go-to, desert island, Holy Grail wannabe perfume.

Tonight, I'm winding down (getting buzzed) with a glass (more than one) of wine, sitting on Big Red, pondering my day.  Reviewing it all, I am filled relief, pride, exhaustion and thoughtfulness.

B-man picks me up after the symposium (he offered to chauffer me because it was snowing (!) this morning), and I find myself crying in the car on the way home.

At the end of  this significant day in my life, I am struck by one thought:

I really miss Mom.

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  1. I never know if I should comment on such posts, if you even write for us, living, or talking to her - in case in some cosmic way she can see/hear it. So I just want to send you warm thoughts.

  2. Undina, thank you very much for your comment. I suppose a post like this is written as a way of honoring my mother and reaching out to her, just in case she knows. But most of all, it's written to simply be real about my life, and perhaps to touch and validate someone else who has felt/is feeling the same thing. I have found great comfort in discovering that the emotions surrounding loss connect us all.

    Again, thanks for your thoughts.



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