Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mainstream Perfume Marathon Teaser

Today began my 'Tiptoe Through the Tulips' of mainstream perfumes and my skin is covered with different scents. (If you don't know who Tiny Tim is, just play along.)

B-man must be sick of me shoving my arms under his nose at different points of dry down.  

As the evening wears on, one perfume keeps jumping out.  It's different than what I'm looking for right now, but Daphne likes it.

Some perfumes I ruled out quickly:

Tresor In Love -   What am I, twelve?
Jennifer Aniston - Wake me up when this is over
Juicy Couture Anything - Bottled cliche

Numerous samples are playing hide-and-seek in the bottom of my purse and I plan to sort them out soon, over wine (can you think of a better way to spend Saturday night?).

So, what perfume keeps demanding my attention?


Even so, it's not my favorite of the day.

More to come.

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  1. There's always a gem or two in the mainstream mine. I can't wait to hear about your discoveries. I've smelled a few mainstream frags lately and none of them gems, unfortunately.

    PS My father was a Tiny Tim fan. He had the strangest record collection...

  2. Hi JoanElaine - glad you get the Tiny Tim thing! Yes, I did find a treasure - much different than what I thought it might be - and I'll be writing about it soon.

    Hoping to get out today for round two of Mainstream Marathon.



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