Saturday, July 30, 2011

Didn't I Say I Was Bored With Perfume?

I'll be damned if I didn't buy a $12.00 bottle of Jovan Musk today.

First, I sprayed it on the back of my hand, then walked through the store enjoying great flashbacks of 1976.  That's the year my Serious High School Boyfriend gave me a bottle for Christmas.

Jovan Musk still smells as delightful as I remember, like Muscs Koublai Khan, neutered and declawed.  

When I put my hand up to B-man's nose, he said, 'oh, that's nice.'

And now, it's mine once again.

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  1. This was, and remains, my mother's "everyday" fragrance, as opposed to her "dress-up" fragrance of Chanel No. 5. It smells warm and clean and very, very nice.

  2. I have this and love it! Its been at the back of the cupboard but you have inspired me to break it out. So pretty! Sometimes simple is what we need :)

  3. Hi Muse - I wore this yesterday and liked it a lot! You're right, it's warm clean and a little soapy. Love that.

  4. Daly Beauty - good to see you! On the weekend, I don't always want to wear a serious perfume, but something simple, as you said. I'm going to wear it to work tomorrow, too.



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