Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ellena The Master

I just ordered a replacement bottle of Jardin en Medeteranee and a tested-but-never-owned Eau des Merveilles. I am also out of Kelly Caleche, but I can't bring myself to order two previously-owned perfumes at the same time with so many untested possibilities.  Boring. 

Over the last couple of years, I have gravitated toward Hermes' perfumes.  High quality, staying power and originality draws me to the brand.  

Well, that, and the fact that I love Jean Claude Ellena.  There's a man I would like to have lunch with. 

A)  He's brilliant 
B)  He's hot

Hermes offers some non-Ellena creations that I like very much, including both Hiris and EdM.  But I absolutely love Mediterranee and Kelly Caleche, which are sophisticated - yet accessible - masterpieces.  Ellena's compositions simply vibrate with personality.

Hermes scored when they nabbed Ellena.  He maintains the "thinking person's couture" of the house, adding both insubordination and sparkle to an otherwise stodgy image.


  1. I agree re: 1 and 2 esp 2! though I don't get/like Kelly Caleche. Though I do need to sniff it again and see what I think now.

  2. Hi Bloody Frida! It took me awhile to 'get' Kelly Caleche, but when I did, I really fell in love. Give it another try!



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