Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gris Clair - I'll Drink to That

Last night, after a beautiful martini on an empty stomach, I ordered Serge Lutens' Gris Clair.  This morning, I'm going back and forth in my mind, thinking - as Inner Critic suggests - that I should have ordered Fumerie Turque instead.  But, I have Borneo and Amber Sultan, both of which are full of spice, smoke and darkness.  Fumerie Turque seems redundant.  With summer approaching, I need a scent that is reserved, but fresh.

Every time I wear Gris Clair, I have a different impression.  Mostly, I love it because it reminds me of the wild sage growing throughout our farm right before I get that amazing, incense base note.  At times, though, it seems a bit sweeter.  Once, I even washed it off.  Inner Critic picks up on this right away. " You got buzzed and bought a scrubber.  Not just any scrubber, but a pricey one.  Nice."

Shut up, it's not a scrubber.  Not even.  Perhaps, when I washed it off, I was just having a crabby day.  Or, I was getting ready to cook a delicious meal and simply washed my hands first.  Or...maybe I knew I would be hanging out with someone who is allergic to perfume and I politely washed it off so as not to inconvenience or concern this person.  Yes, I'm sure that's it.

Would I have ordered Gris Clair stone sober?  Well, I've considered purchasing it for years, so maybe.  Besides, Dad loved the smell of Gris Clair when I first got it several years ago, and B-man has commented positively on it many times.  It has street cred.

I'm trusting my instincts on this one.  Inner Critic can bite me.


  1. This is the only full bottle of Serge Lutens I own (I would like to own a lot more!) and I agree, its a bit of a shape-shifter. It never smells the same two days in a row. I prefer it when it is less sweet and more smoky-herbal. I can never decide whether I prefer it in the cooler or warmer months. It can be quite cloying sometimes, don't you think?

  2. Michael, you are so right about Gris Clair. One day it's Wuthering Heights and the next, it's Aqua Velva. Always changing.



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