Saturday, May 22, 2010

White Aoud - it's Darling

Perfume obsession is not a 'girly' activity.  It can't be because I'm no girly girl.  This is clear to me when I am around my sisters and my nieces, all of whom are up on the latest handbags, nail polish, hair color and make-up.  They use descriptors like "darling."  

We may be from different planets. 

Scent of the Day (SOTD) was White Aoud.  B-man likes this perfume very much but for me, it just doesn't have enough aoud, rose or smoke to create great interest.  WA continues to leave me wanting, with its sugar cookie goodness, which is only one reason I'm feeling cranky this evening.  

All I wanted to do today was lay on the bed and channel surf, read and play on my computer, not necessarily in that order.  For a while, I did just that, watching two episodes of Nurse Jackie while snuggling with Paige and Leo (our dog and cat).  It was raining outside and I was in heaven.

Inner Critic was not happy and let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I should go shopping just as I had planned earlier in the week.  It's true that I have been complaining about the accessories I need to round out my wardrobe.  Caving in to this pressure, I got off the bed, took a shower and convinced myself that shopping would be the right thing to do.  

There are several things I truly suck at (interior decorating, bulletin boards and small talk, for example), but none more than shopping for clothes.  When I'm at home, or in my mind, I am the queen of stylish accessorizing.  However, when I am surrounded by all sorts of accessories, all I can see is how idiotic I will look so I never actually purchase these items. 

B-man came with me today and thank god for that because I went into one store, did a 360, and felt myself coming down with a bad case of the fuck-its.  I finally ended up with a jacket because I couldn't face the humiliation of going home empty handed.

Here's what I want:  Clothes that feel like pajamas, colors that are earthy and perfume that is intelligent and interesting.  What do I avoid?  Darling.

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