Monday, May 24, 2010

Ode to Chanel's Sycomore

Hot Motor Oil
Burning Autumn Leaves
Canyon Pine
Library Books
Tree House
Waxed High School Floors
 Love at First Sniff


  1. I *love* this!!
    Two things-- you changed your name...?
    Second thing: I have this fantasy of a perfume shop that has little hand-written cards on all the scents bottles in nice handwriting in different colored pens done by the staff, with both staff recs and excerpts from especially pithy perfume reviews-- both from bloggers and the "professional" critics like Burr, Turin, and the rest. Just like your neighborhood wine shop or local bookstore. Don't you think that would be fun? You could read all about the perfumes before trying them.
    Your odes would be *perfect*!!!!

  2. Hi LCN! Thanks for the note and I love your perfume shop fantasy. No, I didn't change my name but I did change the description from 'perfume mostly.' Also playing with color, font and layout. Lots of experimenting as a new blogger. Your comments are always welcome!

  3. Love it that you threw "library books" into your description.

    (Still don't think Sycomore would be up my alley, or indeed anywhere on the same side of town as my alley. But it's wonderful to know what other people are smelling.)

  4. Muse - welcome! I truly love Sycomore, but must be in the right mood to pull it off. Thanks for visiting!



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