Saturday, May 15, 2010

Small Dogs and Gucci II

Today, I am wearing Gucci Eau de Parfum II.  If you remember, I ran out of Kelly Caleche several weeks ago.  Instead of automatically replacing it, I'm investigating others that might suit my need for a sophisticated, fresh-but-interesting work perfume.  

Gucci II is fruity/floral in the beginning, with a whiff of fresh mint.  I love fresh mint, so this appeals to me right away and interrupts my usual fruity/floral eye rolling.  My relief is short lived as the heart notes are alarmingly soapy, with a nose-burning floral.  For a moment I panic and almost scrub it off because it has lost its earthiness altogether and starts to give me a headache.  I manage to wait it out, and after 30 minutes, the base notes have mellowed everything, allowing the herbal quality to emerge again.  

Having worn it all afternoon, I would say that Gucci II is somewhat fresh and nicely herbal, but also a bit screechy - just too 'Gucci' - for my taste.  Unless I glam way up, wear stilettos and carry a small dog in my purse, it's just not going to work. 

Photo:  Our sheltie, Paige, at 7 weeks old.


  1. Yeha, Paige isn't gonna stay that size!!! ;) She is a cutie, though!!

  2. Hey, LCN - thanks for visiting! Paige is already a year and a half old so the puppy days are long gone...



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