Saturday, May 1, 2010

An Elephant in the Room

Yesterday, I wore Jungle l'Elephant by Kenzo for the first time in a year, at least.  I took care not to spray it too high on my neck, where the spices would sting my nose and annoy me all day (this mistake was made the last time I wore it...hence the one year time frame).  Using a light hand, I spritzed only twice.  Back was the fine suede and cardamom, as perfect as I remember.

Jungle is not the only perfume on my recently-ignored list.  Others, that I simply had to have, sit like rejected step-children among better loved siblings.  Just this week, Inner Critic gave me a tongue lashing about rotating five or so perfumes when I have many more to choose from.  IC demanded to know why I acquired so many perfumes if I'm not going to wear them?  Don't I know that they won't last forever?  Why did I have to be so greedy?  

What a dick.

Perhaps I'm simply evolving as a fume-head.  Even though I sample constantly, it makes more sense to me now to own, and wear, only those perfumes that I truly love.  I've gone so far as to tell myself that I could actually find my one and only Holy Grail if I just look a bit longer.  Evolution and denial have a lot in common.


  1. so how's L'Elephant been treating you recently (though I see you're on a rose thang too!)

    I love that fragrance - but I probably won't touch it again until fall.

  2. To be honest, I haven't worn it since this post, but I traditionally like L'Elephant in the summer - it's actually good in hot weather. Thanks for the reminder!



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