Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sur le Nil: I Might Love You

For the last three days, Sur le Nil by Hermes has been my SOTD.  Not on purpose, really.  It's just that I have rushed to work and had to forgo my usual contemplation over the right perfume.  Last summer, I experimented and concluded that Sur le Nil was just fine, but it didn't really light me up.  Like the math geek in high school that you don't realize is hot until your 15-year class reunion.  But I hate class reunions.  You already know that.

Anyway (focus!), the geek factor in Sur le Nil is the soapiness - which I usually despise - but it works here.  The best description I can think of is green grapefruit squeezed over twigs, grass and pussy willows.  I have no idea what pussy willows smell like, but the visual image works for me (I'm sure they grow along the Nile) and I feel all naughty using the word 'pussy' in my blog.

Still not focusing.

Sur le Nil is classified as a fruity floral, but it's no Paris Hilton.  True, it is fresh, but in a 'lovely to chat, get to your point' sort of way.  The fact that Jean Claude Ellena is the perfumer gives it an unfair advantage.  Would I love Sur le Nil otherwise?  Hmm.

What is your 'geek turned to love' perfume?


  1. hehee, I love pussy willows!

    Oh gosh, I don't know how to answer the question, I'm just happy you're happy with SlN!

    And I dont get soapy (but then again I don't get soapy unless someone specifies which soap it smells like!) with it at all...there's a beautiful dryness in it that I cannot describe (and which I also get in L'Air du Desert Morocain)

  2. Hi, Bloody Frida! You're exactly right about SLN dryness. The soap I'm thinking of is Irish Spring, or my memory if it, anyway. Have not yet tried L'Air du Desert Morocain, but would like to soon.



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