Saturday, June 4, 2011

Score Of The Day: L'Occitane Notre Flore Iris

One of our local perfume houses - okay, the only local perfume house that carries non-Nordsrom/Sephora lines - is going out of business at the end of the week.

This sucks, but I can understand why. 

In our current economy (in any economy, really) one must try a bit harder when marketing niche perfumes.  Like a winery that offers tasting and education of its product, so must a perfume house. 

About a year ago, excited that this business had opened near my work, I made contact with the owner and proposed she host a perfume event.  I offered to help, Out Of The Goodness Of My Heart, just to spark more perfume awareness.

Well, she was very appreciative of my proposal, and would think about it and blah, blah frigging blah.

Now, they're going out of business.  Just sayin'.

Hoping to capitalize on at least a clearance sale, B-man and I stopped there today on our 'Goofy Saturday Shopping Trip.'  

Notre Flore Iris was on the 50% off table.

Upon application, Iris is very Mediterranean and the pink pepper and bergamot are pronounced, creating an almost 'figgy' essence.  As it dries down, the iris blossom is joined by violet, sweetening the base notes.

Purchased at half price, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.  Daphne thinks I should consider layering Iris with Sycomore.  


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  1. Josephine, have you tried any of the other 'single-note' fragrances from L'Occitane? We have an outlet in our town and they carry the Iris one as well as Labdanum, Neroli and a few others I can't recall. I don't see L'Occitane being reviewed much on the blogs.

  2. I'm so glad Daphne is out of her olfactory funk of Spring '11! Now she's even coming up with her own brilliant ideas again!

  3. Hi Michael - good to see you! The only other L'Occitane perfume I have tried is Eau des Baux, which is nice enough. But honestly, I've never been compelled to buy one of their perfumes before. Iris is nice, although the drydown is a bit sweet for my taste. And you're right - L'Occitane isn't reviewed frequently at all.

  4. Hey, *jen - Daphne appears to be bouncing back! And Iris is best layered with Hiris from Hermes. That was Daphne's idea, too. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Loved the article, Josephine. Appreciated the insights and it's interesting where niche perfume is headed. I would argue that brick and mortar perfume stores, like pretty much everything else, thrives online. I recently contributed to an article on how e-commerce is fueling the war between niche and designer. Would love for you to check out my article! Jolisa



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