Monday, September 20, 2010

It Runs In the Family

This is our son, JD, taking a break from his own weekend home improvement project.  On our way to buy carpet, we stop by to see the progress he is making replacing his deck with the help of his stepfather-in-law. 

JD is a perfumista at heart ( I could say 'perfumata,' but if perfume is not gendered, neither is the description of a perfume lover).  

It's possible that, growing up with a mother like me, he simply had to embrace perfume to stay sane.  But still.

He's no poseur.

Our trips to Nordstrom to play with perfume are memorable, and he always seems impressed that I can score new samples to challenge his developing nose.  

JD prefers sporty, aquatic scents, like Claiborne Sport and Givenchy Insense Ultramarine.  He also has an open mind, and at 26-years-old, his nose has room to grow.

Saturday morning, he and SFIL come to borrow B-man's extension ladder before starting their project.  As we are standing in the driveway, having two separate conversations (me with JD, B-man with SFIL),  he says, "I've been reading your blog a lot lately."  

This is a change from his occasional drop-ins of the past.

He goes on, "I'm always disappointed when I open your blog and there's an 'Ode' because I like the story posts so much."  

JD always says exactly what's on his mind.  In fact, he may be the most authentically honest person I know.  It's one of many unique characteristics I love about him.

'Yeah, I can understand that,' I say, silently delighting in the fact that he has become a regular visitor.  

Thanks for following my blog, son.  This short story post is just for you. 

Photos my own


  1. Your son loves fragrance AND reads his mom's perfume blog? You raised him right!

  2. He may grow to love the odes too, you never know. And if not, a short story is never far away...!

  3. JoanElaine, thanks for your comment! He is a good man, indeed, and a lot of fun to be with. I'm lucky that he gets the perfume thing, too.

  4. Bloody Frida, it's good to hear from you - thanks for staying connected!

  5. Flitter, I hope you're right. My first thought when he said this was, ah, the easy life of the reader...



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