Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Big Red One

Good news on the home furnishing front!

B-man on the Big Red One, smiling on the inside
After looking high and low, B-man and I have fallen in love with a red leather sectional for our living room.  

We're not sure it will work.  It's probably too big for the space and it's...red.  Still, we love it, and the absurdity of it all has us both a bit squealy (that's the furniture equivalent of twirly, if you were wondering).

But I guess a leather couch means I am no longer a vegan like I was back in the day. 

That one day.  

Well, most of one day.

We considered the same sectional in black (actually, it's called tobacco), thinking it would be a bit safer.  But that just seems so heavy, so predictable and manly-man.  Like the first step toward antlers on the wall and a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. 

With its head still attached.

Hell to the No.

Before Inner Critic gets all, 'where's my high horse,'  let me just describe for you, in detail, the furniture we've been living with for almost 20 years. 

It's beige.

B-man and I made a secret pact (with one of our typically uncoordinated high fives) to De-Beige, Break Out Of Our Rut, Think Outside The Box and Shake Things Up.

To help with this process, B-man created a mini living room - to scale - with mini paper furniture (also to scale).  That way, we can see if the sectional fits and also play with our paper tables, lamps and other stuff to find the right configuration.

It's fun living with a creative math geek.

We really hope it works.  If a big-ass, raspberry red leather curved sectional doesn't make us fugitives from Beige Lock-down, what on earth will?

Picture taken by Furniture Guy with B-man's new Droid


  1. "If a big-ass, raspberry red leather curved sectional doesn't make us fugitives from Beige Lock-down, what on earth will?"

    There's no arguing with this! Love the idea of the mini living room. Do you know a small child to give it to later? Would make a great partial doll's house.

    We have a black sofa and a black TV, which could have been too bachelor paddy, but it is hopefully offset by the other shades in the room: ivory, taupe, turquoise and a dash of sludgy gold.

  2. I LOVE it! I think it is the perfect thing for your ever-simmering BAD-ASS temperaments and I am cheering for it to fit! Can't wait to see all your changes...Rock on you two!!!

  3. It rocks, and it looks insanely comfortable.

  4. Now that's what I call a sofa! What a great choice. You sound like you're really excited by the whole thing. So fun to have something brighten up your daily life.

  5. Hi Flitter - your living room sounds awesome! We're excited to break out and do something colorful and bizarre.

  6. Hey Mermaid - thanks for your comment! Glad you like the red sofa. It is kind of bad-ass, isn't it? Hope to see you on it soon!

  7. kjanicki, hello - it is comfortable indeed (a must for all furniture). We're excited to see how it works!

  8. Hi MPL - good to see you! Funny how small things (not that the sofa is small) can brighten up one's life. Even the thought of it in our home has made me happy.

  9. Red leather sofa?

    Buy it, love it, use it. I don't think you'll regret it.



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