Thursday, October 21, 2010

Perfume in Jackson/The Adventure Of the Day

Jackson Lake
One of my favorite things about being in Jackson is that I don't worry about wearing make-up or running into our hospital's medical director on a Saturday at Macy's (this actually happened).  

That day, I breathed a sigh of relief that I had taken the time to look 'weekend cute.'  

Yes, I really am that shallow. 

Me at Jenny Lake, all natural and shiny-faced
Here, who cares?  

It feels good to de-glam, even though - looking at this picture - I do notice a strange similarity between me and the chipmunks by the lake.

But do I smell good?  Oh, hell yeah.  So does B-man.

I brought a collection of decants on this trip.  They include:

1)  Montale Black Aoud
2)  Montale White Aoud
3)  Montale Aoud Queen Rose
4)  Chanel Sycomore
5)  DSH Patchouly

After we walk early yesterday ( in 25 degree weather!), I decide that Aoud Queen Rose is the Scent of the Day.  It works well aside B-man's Bvlgari BLV Notte Pour Homme.  

Both have great sillage and lasting power, and a complimentary woody/charcoal drydown (AQR adds a mashed up dried rose to the mix).  Together, they reflect the best of the outdoors.

And now: 

Wednesday's Adventure of the Day

We take a drive out of town to Jenny Lake, one of my favorite spots on earth.  Posted everywhere are 'Be Bear Aware' signs that don't freak me out until we are walking around the lake and see exactly one other person (this is the off-season for hikers).  

It feels eerie.

So I'm standing on the path, waiting for B-man while he is taking pictures down by the lake.  I hear a sound behind me like a dog running fast and panting hard.  

For a second, I think, 'I didn't know you can bring dogs here.'  Then, suddenly, I realize it's no dog.  Panicked, I spin around to see a bald eagle flying about 15 feet off the ground, right in front of me.  The noise I hear is the sound of its wings, flapping through the air.  

Until now, I have only observed eagles from a distance.  They soar high above the ground and hardly move, gliding silently on the air thermals.  

But here, in the woods, I am frozen with surprise and awe. This eagle owns the environment, announcing its arrival majestically through sheer power.  I will never forget it.  

Aoud Queen Rose is perfect for this moment.

More adventures to come.

Photos my own.


  1. Nice choice of decants. I'd be interested in finding out your take on the Montales. Some find them all a bit too alike. I've only tried Black Oud, Cuir D'Arabie and Oud Lime, but they were all great. I've wanted to try DSH Patchouly for some time. I think Ines did a good review of it a few weeks ago.

  2. You are absolutly beautiful in this pic. Love it!! As the bird lover that I am, your experience with the eagle is one that some people only dream about. They are to me the most regal and majestic bird there is. I have been lucky to see a few in my life and they never cease to take my breath away! Looking forward to hanging with you on the weekend!!!! I remember you always said you wanted to be sprinkled at jenny lake....still true? Love you much, Baby sis.

  3. Amazing scenery - and you look amazing without make up - not chipmunky at all. No collagen-bolting issues there, you lucky woman!

  4. Bloody Friday - thanks, you're sweet!

  5. kjanicki - it is beautiful here. Not so different from where we live, but more piney and rugged. We love it.

  6. Hi Michael - the three Montale's I brought to Jackson are the ones I love most. Black Aoud is a masterpiece and I have fallen deeply in love with it. White Aoud and Aoud Queen Rose are both extremely right sometimes and not at others. Nevertheless, I cannot leave them alone and keep returning to wear them again. Have not tried Oud Lime, but would like to. Many others in the Montale line appeal to me, but I don't love them.

  7. Baby sis, thanks for your comment! I know you are a bird lover and wish you could have experienced this eagle moment with me. Not sure I want my ashes scattered anywhere - I'm a bit ambivalent about it at the moment. Avoiding the burial ritual seems victory enough.

    Looking forward to seeing you, too. Much love.

  8. Flitter, you are very kind. It's hard to assess one's own appearance and appreciate your encouragement. All I know is that my cheeks look huge. My mother had wonderful skin - hardly wrinkled at all when she died at age 73. I would be satisfied to fare half as well.



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