Sunday, October 24, 2010

Perfumista Crisis

Do you ever doubt your legitimacy as a perfumista?

Sometimes, I begin cruising through the many blogs I follow and think, 'oh, my god, if I have to read one more perfume review, I will scream!'

Inner Critic shakes his head in disappointment.

Between mainstream and niche offerings, how is anyone supposed to take it all in without feeling completely overwhelmed?  And what if, in filtering my choices, I miss the One Perfume that could change my life?

Because we all know that the right perfume can change your life.

The truth is, I don't explore anything with the detail that some analyze perfume.  Being a Big Picture kind of girl, I prefer to think about ideas and connections as they relate to systems and people.  

Do I notice minute details?  Hardly ever.  Physical surroundings?  Not so much.

I can prove it.

Our hospital remodeled the lobby last year and made the information desk look like a ship to match the water themed mural.  

Everything was re-arranged and the huge, new desk was custom built to fit a huge, new space.  Bear in mind that I walk through the lobby every time I enter and exit 
the hospital.

One day, a colleague asked what I thought of the new information desk and I lied and said it looked great because I was too embarrassed to say I Hadn't 
Noticed It.

Upon hearing this story, B-man simply said, 'wow.'

So how the hell am I supposed to take in dozens of detailed reviews about new perfumes every day?  And if I don't - or don't want to - am I still a perfumista?

It's making me a little crazy.

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  1. Oh my, I can relate to this post. I struggle to keep up with all the perfume blogs in my RSS feed. I don't want to miss that "One Perfume" either...but sometimes I just have to delete a lot of the stuff that comes into my feed!

    I am not a big picture gal tho', I am too busy concentrating (obsessing, really) on one small aspect of whatever holds my interest, so much so, that the "One Perfume" could easily pass me by.

    I can't bring myself to use the term "perfumista" (ooops, just did!). It makes me uncomfortable...I guess because it seems like a qualification required to join a group and if it was, I probably wouldn't qualify!

  2. I hear you Josephine, and I believe we ARE perfumistas!

  3. You are a perfumista, just a very busy one! I've been falling behind lately too because of a new job. It's hard to read it all.

  4. JoanElaine, I'm glad you relate to this post! It's hard to find that balance between Big Picture and Obsessing, because both states of mind cause you to miss something. Sometimes my lack of awareness around details is just frightening.

    I happen to love the term Perfumista and I'm not sure why. And yes, you definitely qualify.

  5. Hi Frida - yes, we certainly are perfumistas! I'm glad you're posting again and I really enjoy your insights and your honesty.

    Thanks for your comment!

  6. Hey Kjanicki - it is hard to keep up sometimes! Still, I really enjoy blogging and my fellow perfume lovers. Thanks for what you add to the dialogue - your reviews are enjoyed regularly.

  7. Hi Josephine,

    Oh, excellent topic and one close to my heart, being both a big picture person and one prone to frivolity and silly metaphors.

    There is a place for all of us different types of perfumista: some operate more at the scientific end of the spectrum, deconstructing scents with rapier-like precision, while others are like impressionistic artists - or "p*** artists" in my case. Keep doing what you do and hats off to you for missing the new desk!

  8. Hey Flitter - thanks for your comment! I can always count on you to 'get it.' Keep up the frivolity and silly metaphors - they make me smile!



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