Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday To My B-man

B-man  with Paige
Today is B-man's birthday.  We are in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to celebrate, relax and enjoy each other's company.  It's amazing here.

The view from our cabin porch
On this special day, thinking about our life together, here are ten of my favorite things about my husband:

1)  His Big Laugh - this happens spontaneously and with sheer joy.  Just thinking about it brightens my day. 

2)  His Irreverence - nothing is off limits in his sphere of humor, and he's not afraid to cross the line.  I find this incredibly sexy.

3)  His Eye for Detail.  Whether it's decorating or quality clothing, B-man has a way of noticing and remembering important details, great and small.

4)  His Confidence.  B-man is more comfortable in his own skin than anyone I know.  This allows everyone in his presence to be more comfortable with themselves.

5)  His Natural Skill as a Father.  JD thinks the sun rises and sets in the B-man.

6)  His Love for All Living Things.  He catches spiders and carries them outside so they can go about their business.  Sometimes, he names them first.

7)  His Brains.  He's subtly brilliant and this always emerges at exactly the right moment.

8)  His Love of Good Food.  He cooks it, eats it and considers it hugely important in life.

9)  His Unfailing Optimism and Belief in Life's Goodness.

10)  His Freakish Ability to know what will make me happy - and provide it - before I know it myself.
To the Love of My Life, Happy Birthday!

Photos my own


  1. Josephine, sounds like you've got one helluva man! Congratulations and enjoy your time away.

  2. Well, he sounds like a wonderful man!
    I hope you have a lovely day together, celebrating!

  3. Aw... sweet! Love the fact that B-Man ushers spiders out and sometimes gives them names. My flatmate at college used to remove our slimy pests with the phrase: "Go west, young slug" as he placed them on the back step.

    Have a lovely celebration - Wyoming sounds magnificent!

  4. Michael, JoanElaine and Flitter - thank you for your kind comments. We are having a lovely time, indeed. A much needed vacation for us both!



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