Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cherry Bomb Killer Perfume

Two new perfumes were sent my way, courtesy of Maria McElroy and Alexis Karl.  I have sampled them both and offer my thoughts and impressions.  

You should know by now that I am incapable of serious perfume reviews.

Truth or Dare:  My first thought, upon application, was that one could dissolve a cherry lifesaver in water, add a bit of baby powder, rub the concoction on one's skin and create the same aroma. 

Fortunately, as it develops, Truth or Dare gains a bit of floral freshness, still retaining it's sweet, cherry beginning.  In the end, however,  the freshness subsides and I am left with the life saver/baby powder drydown.

Rebel Angel:  This one is somewhat more complex.  A geranium vibe intervenes from the beginning, adding an earthiness to the top notes.  

As RA develops, it becomes more gourmand and takes on a 'cakey' quality.  After an hour, I find myself wondering what's making me crave Belgian waffles. 

Ah, it's Rebel Angel.

Both Truth or Dare and Rebel Angel are obviously created for a very young audience.  They have moderate sillage and staying power (Rebel Angel lasts longer than Truth or Dare on my skin).  

With their naughty names, I expected a bit more edginess.  In reality, both are virginal and ladylike.  Almost old fashioned.

Perhaps even in perfume, history repeats itself.


  1. "You should know by now that I am incapable of serious perfume reviews."

    You and me both! Don't think either of these is calling my name, though I'd give the one with geranium a sniff in case it is anything like AP Strip.

  2. Flitter, I have never tried AP strip, but I'm intrigued by the descriptions I have read. Yes, I believe you could pass on both of the above perfumes and never lose a moment's sleep.

  3. I think your non-serious reviews are perfect. I like someone who entertains me and gets to the point, which is "what does it smell like?" Cherry lifesavers and cake - perfect.



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