Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mom, Was That You?

This morning, it dawned on me that my encounter with the eagle may have been a sign that my mother was close by.

Looking toward October 20th, I thought a lot about the irony of my husband's birthday falling on the 8-month anniversary of Mom's death.  After considering how the day might unfold, I chose to focus on B-man and to celebrate his - and our - aliveness. 

I believe Mom would want that. 

Since her death, I have looked for my mother everywhere.  For example, each time I see a mourning dove, I think she is near. 

Mourning doves were her favorite birds and I read somewhere that the deceased often communicate their presence through birds.

So why not an eagle?

Why didn't that dawn on me at the time?

Perhaps my letting go of needing to find her, for just 
one day, allowed her the freedom to make a splash and say hello.  

But, by then, I had become so immersed in the day that I missed it.  Until now.

The mysteries of life and death go on.  

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