Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Inexpensive Perfume Delights: Nude by Bill Blass

Not long ago, I placed an order of seven inexpensive perfumes.  At 20% off.  Damn those perfume websites.  At this price, even Inner Farm Girl looks the other way.

Here's the thing: with a little research (that's my cleaned up term for full-blown, on-the-computer-all-day obsession), one can find gems among cheap offerings.  Great perfumers don't just mingle with the likes of Amouage, they also hang out and drink beer with Bill Blass and...Adidas.

Nude by Bill Blass is a wonderful little perfume formulated by the great Sophia Grojsman in 1990.  And she is great, but some of her perfumes just don't suit me, like Tresor and Calyx.  I bought Calyx on my birthday just to stop twitching from the disorder known as Birthday Perfume Obsession, but it soon went back because of the instant headache it caused each time I wore it.  Yep, I take perfume back if it bugs me.  Sales associates frown on this and try guilt inducing statements like, 'are you sure it was the perfume?' 

Either that or the meth.  Jeez.

Anyway...Nude is a musky, rosy, odd little perfume that is rumored to have aldehydes.  Not one to actively pursue aldehydes (Chanel No. 5 just smells silly on me), this gave me pause.  Nevertheless, after reading every review I could find, I made my final assessment and ordered Nude unsniffed for under $20.

Nude's top notes remind me of Silences by Jacomo.  Both have this 'don't act stupid and piss me off' vibe about them, but Nude is somewhat more inviting and a touch sweeter.  Just a touch.  Silences wins in the green and soapy category, but they both have an oldness - almost mustiness - in the heart notes.  Silences never reaches a musky stage on my skin, but Nude gets there quickly.  And it lasts for a long time, even in the cologne concentration.

I've worn Nude for the past three days straight, which makes a strong statement about any perfume, new or otherwise.  Nude is nicely present with moderate sillage, and sexy without trying too hard.  Inexpensive? Yes.  Cheap?  Not at all.

image from fragrantica.com


  1. I'm intrigued! I never know if I'll like an aldehydic, or feel ill from it. So it's like Russian roulette.
    My recent fun discovery was Gaultier 2 (Squared)- the vanilla/musk thingy. It's wonderful, and beats most recent niche vanillas without even yawning. And the bottle is magnetic and sticks to the fridge. Some avant-garde Scandinavian artist/nose needs to revive that bottle, call it concept art, and charge 500 euros for it!

    1. Marla, I'm totally with you about aldehydes - in fact, they rarely seduce me and seem kind of anti-sensual, like white, opaque tights. I vaguely remember Gautier 2, and couldn't decide at the time if I loved it or was repulsed by it...can't remember if I tried it on my skin, but would be interested in smelling it again now. I remember the cool bottle, too. You may really enjoy Nude-give it a shot. Good to see you!



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