Friday, August 27, 2010

Buying Perfume During Happy Hour

Paige in the pouring rain, refusing to come in the house
Don't stay in the rain and get all wet!

And don't buy perfume during Happy Hour.

We have had this discussion before.

Otherwise, after a couple of glasses of wine, you may decide that you desperately need a new bottle of Montale's Black Aoud simply because it's back in stock at Luckyscent. 

So what if I intended to wait until our Denver trip next week to buy any more perfume?  I justify it by telling B-man, 'No, no, no, this is my Birthday Perfume and it doesn't count against my annual perfume budget.'

Besides, B-man would enjoy the decant of Black Aoud I'm still working on.  As an only child, he needs the experience of hand-me-downs, don't you think?

I keep waiting for him to side with Inner Critic and agree that I have acted irresponsibly and need closer monitoring.  But here's the thing about B-man: He always wants more nice things for me than I want for myself, and he encourages me to take pleasure in buying something I love...or simply want.

'Oh, yeah, of course, I almost forgot,' he says, all earnest, and then we laugh at each other and at Paige lying in the rain. 

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