Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Short List

My professional progression has been extraordinary over the past eight years and I have pursued every opportunity that has come my way.  Serendipity was involved, along with my clear focus, persistence and...balls, really.  

All week, I have looked forward to Saturday because I would know exactly how the interview process, that began two weeks ago, would move forward.

Ultimately, I may not land the job, but the short list?  Please.

Preparing myself to receive this information, I paid attention to the smallest details.  A fresh manicure and pedicure, careful deliberation over wardrobe and, of course, the right perfume.  After testing several finalists, Sur le Nil by Hermes won out because it is serious but approachable, calculating but fresh.  Its dry/soapy/woody/green goodness was perfect. 

Friday the 13th has always been my lucky day.  I was So Ready.

The day was spent in alert anticipation, fantasizing about how I would break the wonderful news to B-man.  Everything from a touch of the dramatic ('do we have champagne?')  to a text that simply said 'I'm in' was considered.  

Late in the afternoon, returning to my office, I discovered a voice message from HR.  With my heart racing and headache building, I fumbled around, entering my password.  As soon as the recruiter began speaking, I knew.

I didn't make the short list.

After listening to the message two more times, to make sure, I just stood in the middle of my office, stunned.  Slowly, I gathered my belongings and began the 10-minute trek out of the hospital to my car.

Then something happened that I didn't expect at all.

As I walked, each step felt a bit lighter.  The headache that was pounding five minutes ago had disappeared.  The muscles in my face and throughout my body relaxed.  I couldn't deny it - suddenly, I felt free.

Everything's different now.  I can finally just relax into work that I love and stop chasing the Next Big Thing.  B-man and I can plan more travel and play time, without my being in the process of adjusting to a new role or pushing hard for the next one.  

Before yesterday, I had decided to skip Sniffapalooza in October, but now, we're going to New York.

A champagne toast on the deck marked this new beginning.

Picture from Fotosearch


  1. Congrats!!!

    Ugh, I must, must, MUST try this one of Hermes. I'm just reading the book "The perfect scent". If you've already read that book, you know why I must sample this fragrance. :-)


  2. Un Jardin Sur le Nil is a great interview perfume, good choice! And congratulations on embracing contentment. I had a similar experience this year and, with the sense of relief I felt instead of disappointment, I knew it wasn't meant to be. We don't have to always be on the ambition treadmill. I like my current job and I decided to accept that it was ok to be happy with where I am. With my free time I decided to start a perfume blog ;)

  3. Hi Sandy - yes, I've read the book and yes, you MUST try Sur le Nil. The thing is, it grows on you. I had to sample it several times before I truly 'got it.'

    Let me know what you think!

  4. kjanicki, thanks for your comment. I was surprised at the peace I felt when all was said and done. You're right - we can step off the treadmill and enjoy where we are. It truly feels like a new time in my life.

  5. I endorse what the others say and am glad you are happy with the way things turned out. I have worked at the same level for the whole time I have been freelance (nearly 20 yrs now), indeed I went freelance specifically to avoid the management ladder, which would have meant no travel, no use of my foreign languages etc. Downshifting is a definite trend today - or this version of staying in the same groove and having less stress/responsibility!

  6. Hi FS - thanks for the comment. I really appreciate the perspective of others. Having lived almost 51 years, I've learned to trust life's process. This seems to be the year of letting go.

    Today, I'm feeling some delayed disappointment, so your support comes at a good time. Thanks again.



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