Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Coming Back to Myself

What a weird week.  After two of days of 'Thank God, I'm Free at Last,' the reality of a lost dream has set in.  

I am resilient, and I'll recover, but maybe not today. Not yet.

Trying to coax my peppy back, I wore Kelly Caleche, one of my go-to perfumes.  

It wasn't right at all.

Today begged for a dark perfume.

Borneo 1834 would have been perfect to reflect the shadow of my mood and provide the pencil shavings/patchouli/dry cocoa comfort that smells like my natural skin, only more. 

Interesting how one loss triggers others.  Had this job opportunity passed me by at another time, it may not feel big at all.  But now, combined with everything else, it feels like a lingering winter resisting the thaw.

Hoping for Springtime soon.


  1. I like Ormonde Woman for when I'm in a good funk.

    Hope tomorrow's a better day.

  2. Josephine, if you want something sort of severe and dark, I could recommend Amouage's Epic Man. It's all oud and frankincense and certainly puts me in a contemplative mood. Not sure if you have access to any Amouage where you live. The woman's Epic is even better IMO.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Hi Kjanicki - I have not yet tried Ormonde Woman, but it's on my list. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Michael, this is the second time you have suggested these Amouage perfumes. Now, you have my full attention. No, we don't have Amouage anywhere near, but I will find it somewhere.

    You know I love severe and dark perfumes. Thanks for your recommendation and good wishes.

  5. Amouage is a great niche house. I love almost everything, of course, I haven't tried fragrances for men. I don't know where you can try Amouage. I ordered their samples at Luckyscent, and some samples I got from my friend.


  6. I'm not one for "severe and dark" perfumes at all, so I cannot think of something else that might suit!, but I do understand how you are feeling. When you are a bit fragile emotionally, the smallest upset can really knock you back.

  7. Hi Sandy - I'm not as familiar with Amouage as I want to be. I did smell them in NYC, but my memory has faded. Samples are a must.

  8. Hi FS - perhaps I'm all about 'severe and dark' because it reflects something about my life right now. I have gone through other stages with other types of perfume, so who knows?

    In general, however, I gravitate toward perfume that contrasts the traditionally feminine.



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