Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shopping and Chanel No.19: The Sequel

Friday could not come soon enough this week.  Between keeping up my schedule and allowing ample time for pouting over my lost promotion, I was exhausted.  

Feeling the need for some retail therapy, my sister and I went shopping.  

Thank god she was there.

Otherwise, I would stumble from rack to rack, trying on clothes that are the wrong fit, wrong color and wrong style.  Shopping with a buddy insures that the sales associate won't have to call B-man to report that his wife is lying on the floor in a fetal position and would he please come and pick her up.

Unlike me, my sister has a great eye for style, color, fit and fashion in general.  Shopping with her looked something like this:

Me: Holding up a shirt, 'Is this ugly?'  (No kidding, I'm that clueless.)

My sister: 'No, but that color makes your face look red because it has a yellow base.'

Me: 'Does this jacket look good?'

My sister:  'Not really, because the waist is in the wrong place.  It needs to be a little higher or lower, but the way it is now cuts you in half.'

Me:  'You really like these pants?'

My sister:  'Yes, because the slim leg makes you look taller.  And skinny.'

Huh.  I had no idea.  Of course, I bought the pants, because I am neither tall nor skinny.  

(You know the 80% off  'reject clothes that are built too funny to actually fit anyone' rack?  They usually fit me.)

Giddiness followed my purchase of a few stylish pieces that fit right and didn't make me look red-faced.  This victory meant there was only one thing left to do: the Chanel counter.  

Knowing that No.19 trumps Cristalle on my skin, I spritzed and - thanks to my sister's connections - scored a biggie sample to take home.  For some reason, I was not as enamored with No.19 as I was after my bra shopping triumph.  In fact, until the base notes kicked in, almost two hours later, I considered scrubbing because I couldn't handle its bitchiness. 

Blasphemy, I know.  It's supposed to be bitchy.

The good news is that I scored samples of both Chance Eau Tendre and Bleu de Chanel.  I'll be testing them soon, but something tells me that neither will make my heart sing.

Still, my shopping giddy lives on.  Thanks, baby sis.

Pictures from and BD Fragrance Line


  1. Josephine, I think you've said it before: No 19 is quite a tricky one to wear, but when it's right, it kicks ass! I'd be interested in reading your take on Eau Tendre and Bleu. I tried Bleu recently and I found it better than the initial negative reviews suggested, but still a long way off anything special, but who knows....

  2. Get the parfum! Though even the parfum needs to be worn in the right mood.

    I want to borrow your sister as fashion consultant.

  3. I need to try 19 again. I've never skin tested, just sniffed. I like bitchy now and again.

  4. Is your sister called Trinny or Susannah by any chance? : - )

    I have never "got" Chance, or any of its flankers, though I believe it is a huge seller for Chanel. 19 is great, but I have to be in the mood, usually in winter. I feel the same about AG Heure Exquise.

  5. Hi Michael - yes, No. 19 can kick ass if worn at the right time and in the right mood. I'm looking forward to trying my new samples and will let you know what I think!

  6. Hey CF! If I get the parfum, I'll have to dab and you know how I feel about the whole skin particles/inconvenience thing. I do remember you saying the parfum is THE ONE.

    My sister should hire out as a personal shopper - she's amazing!

  7. kjanicki, hi! I'd be curious to see how you feel about No. 19 on your skin. You're so right - sometimes bitchy is perfect.

  8. Hi FS! Honestly, I don't get the whole Chance thing either. Never tried AG Heure Exquise.

    I will have to sample No. 19 in cooler weather, although the bitchy aspect of it is amplified in the heat, don't you think? I say that like it's a good thing.

  9. I just tried No. 19, and I adore it!



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