Monday, August 2, 2010

Cranky Monday

Crankiness reigns supreme today.  I can hardly tolerate being with myself, so I must be an absolute joy to those around me.

Not even Jardin en Mediterrannee, my makes-me-happy-no-matter-what perfume, could snap me out of it.  Usually, its figgy/minty//herbal goodness can transport me to my Inner Happy Place.  

Instead, I spent the day hanging out with Inner Critic, grousing about everything, including myself.

After calling Little Mister Peppy, B-man, I decided to contain my global pouting by working on the department budget and putting together a couple of presentations.  Of course, I have procrastinated until the last minute and need to be prepared for both tomorrow, even though the deadline has been lurking for a month.  

Hey, I've had stuff.

In the morning, I'm wearing Poeme by Lancome. That's right.  Luca Turin nearly ruined it for me, but I'm going to shake off his negativity (and mine) and go Girly tomorrow as some radical act of noncompliance. 

What the hell - it's not an interview.


  1. I hope it's better tomorrow. Btw, I don't listen to Luca Turin. I don't care about his blabbering. :-) I wear what I like and what I love.


  2. Josephine my wife owns a bottle of Poeme. I actually tried this a couple of months ago (at home, not in public) and I think the top notes have gone off - its very strange-smelling to start - but the rest is quite nice, if a bit too femme for me to pull off I think.

    Hope today is less of a crank-fest.

  3. You know the saying, right? The one that goes, "Turin & Sanchez are right, except when they're wrong"? 'S true.

    It's more common for me to hate stuff they love, than to love stuff they hate. (Although Vanille Tonka wuz robbed.) Feh, wear whatcha like. And be as girly about it as you like!

    I had a rough Monday too... girly smells un-crankify me, though.

  4. Pooh. Pooh pooh, I say. You'll notice that elsewhere in the book, Poeme comes up as a benchmark reference. Same happens with Amarige.

    There's a joyous review of Poeme but the now inactive, shoot, who is it? Katie? Ina? Who wrote Scentzilla? I remember Andy Tauer referring to that review a few times as something he loved because it so clearly reflected someone's love of perfume.

    As far as girly police, there are a few scents in The Guide that are loved and are all out girly, no? And who cares, anyway? (Unless, of course, they agree with you. I'm all for what Muse said. Might have even said it myself.)

    We're all in it because we love perfume(s)(ery) somehow. There's going to be difference of opinion. You gotta do what's right for you. Go for it.

    Now get going. Deadline looms.

  5. Sandy, you're so right. It's always best to follow one's own instincts in perfume. That is definitely my goal! Thanks for the comment.

  6. Michael, I love 'crank-fest!' Yes, I can see how Poeme might be a bit much for most men to pull off. However, the right day, right time, right weather...who knows? Take care.

  7. Hi Muse! Yes, I frequently love stuff Turin & Sanchez hate, too. Certainly, they are not the last word on any perfume, but the words sometimes stick in my mind, causing me to look for things I never did before.

    Jeez, I'm so impressionable...

  8. Hi ScentScelf - wise words, indeed. I wore Poeme and loved it; loved the whole girly vibe.

    Thanks for the comment - and the gentle scolding (I did meet my deadline...finally).

  9. I am glad to hear that Inner Critic has an upbeat counterpart in Inner Happy Place, although they may engage in periodic tussles. Hope that Poeme and a job well done will help you get back to IHP. Which is just one letter short of IHOP, and who couldn't be happy eating pancakes? (Well, it was worth a try...) : - )

  10. FS, thanks for the laugh! Certainly, there's not much that IHOP cannot cure. Or the right cheese, of course.



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