Sunday, August 8, 2010

Goodbye Signature Scent

Do you ever miss having a signature perfume?  Years ago, when I had signature scents - kind of like serial monogamy - I loved being identified by one perfume.  People would say things like, 'we knew you were here because we smelled you when we walked in.'   

This was always assumed to be a compliment.

I've actually tried to return to a signature scent a couple of times, assigning a favorite perfume and swearing to myself that I will wear it for a full week and then re-evaluate.  My record is three days, then I start feeling like I am trapped in a cult, passing out pamphlets at the airport. 

Nevertheless, wearing one perfume every day saves a lot of time.  None of this, 'let's see...what perfume goes with this outfit and the weather and my mood and today's events?'  As B-man can attest, identifying my mood is difficult enough, but it's not likely to stay the same throughout the day.

Fortunately, God created top, heart and base notes.  

Most days, I fancy that my perfume collecting is no different than collecting art, which enjoys a legitimacy that perfume is just beginning to achieve.  After all, I spend time educating myself, experiencing perfume and writing about its presence and impact in my life.  I routinely test and evaluate perfume and share my passion freely with anyone who will listen.  

I have a blog, for chrissake.

Still, on other days, I stand in front of my collection and boxes of samples like the guy shopping for groceries on the Carl's Junior ad.  I have no idea where to start in choosing a perfume for the day, and I'm overwhelmed by all the samples looking out from their small plastic bags with puppy dog eyes, hoping to get a fair shot. 

Luckily, there are tissues within reach so I don't drool down the front of my shirt.

How did I get here?  There was no defining moment, no announcement (in my best British accent) of, 'I will begin collecting perfume today.'  And believe me, had I made such an announcement, I would definitely have added the accent.

Collecting or hoarding?  Connoisseur or freak?  Passionate or OCD?  Writing or rambling?  

Just when I think I have made peace with my perfume obsession, Inner Critic comes to spend the weekend.  After two days, he's already starting to smell a bit fishy. 

picture from fotosearch


  1. I've given up on the idea of ever having a signature scent, and my casual ownership of a single bottle at a time up to the age of 48 was NOT the same thing at all.

    Embrace diversity - roll with the punches of option anxiety! - is all I can say on the matter, for I too am beset daily with a plethora of perfume possibilities. (Flittersniffer for a reason...)

  2. Hi FS - of course you're right - but I occasionally go on quests for meaning. Like, with all of the interests and passions in the world, how did I end up with...perfume?

    However, I am grateful for the luxury and the ability to appreciate smell.

    I shall embrace the diversity.

  3. HI!
    Before I was always longing for my signature scent, but not anymore! Now I am very happy to have cca 30 perfumes and the fact that I can chose the one that fits me in that very moment!



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