Sunday, August 1, 2010

MV 3 by MAC- Amber Chypre

I totally made up the whole 'Amber Chypre' thing.

As far as I know, there is no such perfume classification, and yet MV 3 seems to have blazed a new trail, boldly going where no amber perfume has gone before.

MV 3 introduces itself firmly, with the essence of bergamot, greens and oakmoss.  Amber peeks through the top notes, but its timid beginning raises serious questions of legitimacy.  

I can imagine Ambre Precieux snobbishly stating, 'it's not one of us.'

And truly, it's not.

MV 3 presents heart notes of full-on leather that has been tanned, cracked and 'sweetened' by the sun.  It reminds me of leather out on the farm, a smell that always makes me hungry.  

(Mentally, I am taken back to the hot, dry days of hauling hay.  My grandmother spent the mornings making huge noon meals for the crew, after which we went outside and laid in the shaded grass, allowing our food to settle before resuming work in the fields.)

Bitterness nips at MV 3 throughout every phase of its development in the form of moss, vetiver and woods.  However, amber has now decided to strap on a pair and claims a lead position late in the game.

B-man rocks the MV 3, so every time he wears it, I remember its appeal and commandeer it for the next day. While it has a masculine feel, MV 3 is an inexpensive, surprisingly intelligent perfume that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Picture from Fotosearch

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