Monday, August 16, 2010

Coco - The Smell of Friendship

My closest friend at work applied and interviewed for the same position that I did.  At the beginning of this process, we high-fived and wished each other luck.   

Neither one of us made the short list.

Today, we met to celebrate Loser Lunch.

My friend's signature scent is Coco by Chanel and it is beautiful on her.  She wore it frequently until her husband recently told her it smelled like an old lady.

Note to men: This is Always a Bad Idea. 

Even if she gives up her favorite perfume for you, she will think you were unfair and will be predisposed to criticizing your personal hygiene at the very moment you want a little nookie.  

My advice?  Don't go there.

After all, football fields exist between womanly, sophisticated (as in Coco) and old lady.  Yes, Coco is a bit spicy, with an oriental feel, but it doesn't make you reach for the gas mask or hold your breath until you find the balcony. 

Think Opium's younger, introverted sister.

Making the most of Loser Lunch, sans Coco, we hashed over the details of the first interview and speculated about who will become our new boss (we now report to the same administrator).  

Both of us have already begun to strategize our professional futures, knowing this position is off the table, at least for now.  We agreed to be there for each other as we let go and move on.

Tonight, when I got home, I dabbed from my sample of Coco to remind me that friendship shines brightly even in foggy times.  Old lady?  

Wise woman.

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  1. oh I'm sorry you both didn't make the list, but so happy that you have such a dear friend - my friends have been such help to me these days esp.

    And Coco doesn't smell old-lady to me, but then again, I AM getting on to the old-lady years! LOL

  2. Your loser lunch sounds like a positive and mutually supportive step - good on your Coco-loving friend! I have an Goth / indie chick friend whose signature scent is Coco, while Mr Bonkers' mother has recently made it her signature scent at the age of 75, having never previously worn any perfume. I guess 75 could be classed as "just the wrong side of late middle age". Have you noticed how the elasticity of this bracket constantly expands the older one gets....? So in short I think Coco transcends any attempts at categorisation!

  3. Hi Bloody Frida - yes, it's an amazing comfort to go through challenging times with a friend.

    Isn't it nice to get a bit older? One's perspective certainly changes. That's a good thing!

  4. FS, you're right - the older one gets, the younger 75 seems! I agree, Coco does not belong in any category - it's simply classic and quite beautiful.

  5. I've never liked Coco... but then, I hated Opium and Cinnabar and Youth Dew and Tabu and all the classic balsamic scents. (I blame the woman who'd bathed in Opium before sitting next to 12-year-old me in a crowded movie theater.)

    But even though it's not to my personal taste, it's distinctive and smooth and elegant.

    And you're right on target with this: "Note to men: This is Always a Bad Idea. Even if she gives up her favorite perfume for you, she will think you were unfair and will be predisposed to criticizing your personal hygiene at the very moment you want a little nookie." Yes, exactly.

    My husband dislikes my Seven-League Boots, I-can-do-anything No. 19. Says it's unfriendly.

    Luckily for HIM, I have other options. He likes the girly light florals and the bosomy white florals and the sexy woody roses, and I'm happy in those. The one that always surprises me that he does like - Cuir de Lancome. Really? Scented-hanky-in-leather-purse, Could Be Old Lady, Cuir? Yep. So I have hope for his nose.

    But I'd even give up No. 19 for a really, really good friend.

  6. Muse, thanks for this great comment. Your husband is right; No. 19 is unfriendly, which is why it's perfect at certain times.

    I decided long ago that I would have to trust my nose and if I love a perfume, my husband eventually comes to love it, too. I simply have to keep wearing it until its his idea.

    You're so right - even No. 19 is worth giving up for a great friend.



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