Monday, September 5, 2011

Flanker Snob Meets Birthday Perfume

I thought I had my birthday perfume all figured out.

So after finding a perfect size bottle on the perfume house's own website, I began to process my order.

Then the shipping cost pissed me off.  Look, I order perfume all the time so I know the typical price of shipping.  Charge me more than double that amount just because you can?  Nope.

So I cheaped out on principle.  B-man was not pleased. 

Having written off a birthday perfume, I went shopping all day Thursday to buy other silly things; fun food, make-up, shoes and new pajamas.

Of course, I found myself in Sephora.

Generally speaking, I want to be left alone to sniff obsessively, but the young woman who asked if she could help was pleasant and only scored a one-out-of-ten on the annoying scale.

Her existence alone qualifies as a one.

She wanted me to smell everything new the store had received in the past couple of weeks, so we walked together as she sprayed strips and I sniffed. 

After she left, I smelled the strips again and began the process of elimination. One captured my attention.

But what the hell was it?

Like a hound on a scent trail, I began retracing our steps and realized, with some surprise, that it was Dior's new Addict flanker, Addict to Life.

Typically, Daphne rolls her eyes at flankers and treats them like second class citizens. And fortunately, I didn't read this idiotic description, provided by Dior, until after I purchased the perfume: 

“She swings with life. She moves to the sounds of the city. Her heartbeat is in sync with the frenetic tempo of world metropolises. Her stilettos click out a wild rhythm. She captures the slightest oscillation. She is tuned in to the latest fashions. She is the new trend and represents the future of fashion. She lives her life in Technicolor. She is a slave to nothing and free from everything. She scoffs at codes. Why set down rules for anything? She knows what she wants. No one can make her stray from her own desires. She wants to live intensely, completely. She draws her strength, her carefree nature and her joie de vivre from the very source of life. From the source of her fragrance. A 100% addictive elegant floral. She finds her energy, truth and force within it. This woman is you, us, me. We are all Addicted to Life. We are all Addicted to Dior.”

Who writes this crap?

Addict to Life is rosy, soapy and it smells earthy like September.  Now if I just put on stilettos and 'capture the slightest oscillation,' I'll be set.

Someone will need to let me know what that means.

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  1. Josephine, Happy Birthday!
    I am glad you bought a Birthday Perfume after all. I know I should not inquire, but I am super interested what was the finalist contender that did not make it.

    Now, I adored the way your post was written. So funny. And I think I might pay attention to Addict to Life, scratch the stilettos.

  2. a.k.a. Warum, hello! My original choice was Le Labo Rose 31. I still love it and suspect I will break through my own resistance and order it at some point. Glad you enjoyed the post - thanks for your comment!

  3. Hi Josephine,
    Happy belated birthday!
    I do not know if you use Facebook and, if yes, if you know about the Facebook Fragrance Friends group and there is a Rose 31 split going on in there* so it might be a valid option if you do not care about the bottle itself (50 ml will cost $81.57 including S&H and all fees).

    * I have no interest in that split, I'm just a participant.

  4. Daphne has eyes?
    Astounding. :)

  5. Hi Undina, thanks for the tip about the Rose 31 split - worth looking into!

  6. *jen, hello! Yes, Daphne has eyes - you must have forgotten how completely you imagined her!



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