Sunday, July 18, 2010

Agent Provocateur - New Love

I'd like you to meet my new perfume love, Agent Provocateur.  

All day, I've been jonesing for AP, but didn't put it on until this evening when I showered and got cute for Sunday Champagne on the deck.

Clean and rosy, with a touch of metal and vetiver, AP is warming the cockles of my heart, big time.

Plus, the saffron.  Wow.

AP is the mother of 'Purchased Unsniffed' victories.


  1. Sunday champagne on the deck sounds perfect! Decks are becoming quite big over here, but we have just got some nasty concrete slabs and a peeling garden bench. I love AP, and cherish my mini, though as I mentioned in an earlier comment, it seems to have got dirtier with age.

  2. Bloody Frida, it's thanks to you that I gave AP a try!

  3. Hi FS! Yes, we have many goofy traditions - just the two of us - and Champagne Sunday is one of them. AP seemed the perfect match to the event and the hot weather.

  4. LBV, Hi! I've made so many unsniffed purchase errors that it's really fun to get it right!

  5. it's good isn't it- much more classy than you expect and actually quite wearable (perhaps not in the heat!) love the bottle too

  6. oh I'm so glad you are in love! I bought it unsniffed too due to Kate Puckrick.

    WEEEEEEE! I shall wear it today!

  7. Rose, hello and welcome! Yes, AP was better than I expected and I actually love it in the heat.

    The bottle fits perfectly in my small, monkey hands. Still, I wish it had a cap, rather than the annoying clippy thing.

    I hope to see your comments again - thanks for visiting!

  8. Hi Bloody Frida! I think I shall wear AP today, too. I'm hosting a small party on the deck later this evening. It's supposed to reach 100 degrees!

    Fun drinks, fun food and AP.

    It will be the perfect accessory.



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