Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday's Perfume Bombs

Perfume is a bust today, for me and for B-man.

After we decide to 'hunt and gather' this afternoon, I shower and apply Geisha Rouge, by Aroma M.  This, along with Borneo, is a perfume I bought in Seattle last December. 

I have worn it exactly once.

You all know how may times I have over-applied from my zealous perfume memory, so today, I am extra careful. Small dabs inside each elbow and an even smaller dab on my neck. 

I'm talking minuscule here.

After about five minutes, the skin inside my elbows is burning.  Hurrying to get ready, it doesn't immediately register that the burning could be caused by my perfume oil.  Finally, pulling out of my hair drying trance, I realize that what's burning is Geisha Rouge.


On top of that, I reek like a giant cinnamon stick, even after rinsing it off. 

Wait, there's more.

B-man has acquired nine scents of his very own.  True, I bought most of them for him, but he wears and appreciates them all.  (Actually, he has a great nose and first identified the chocolate in Borneo while I was still swooning over the dusty patchouli.) 

Shortly after we met, 23 years ago, he began wearing Gendarme.  We were together when he bought it and we both fell in love with the scent.  B-man wore it daily as he suited up for work and it reflected his elegant, understated style.  He hasn't worn it for quite some time.  Until today.

Our noses have obviously changed because we hate it now.

Fortunately, I'm not focusing on the Gendarme because I smell so bad myself.  Even as I write this post, I'm considering a quick shower.

What is your Perfume Bomb moment?


  1. A sample of a recent new release from a well-known niche perfumer. I'm not going to say what yet, because I havn't reviewed it, but I was expecting something pretty, so I sprayed a couple of times on each wrist. It smelled like the water at the bottom of a flower vase. And strong! My husband called me at work to complain about the stinky perfume I had left all over his keyboard when I checked my email before I left. I wore it all day anyway, just to be sure I really didn't like it.

  2. What a sad story! Two great loves thrown over at once! Maybe you both were off chemically yesterday...we can hope, right?

    could the Gendarme have gone off?

  3. You have my utmost sympathy - perfume bomb experiences are so distressing! Thinking about it, I found Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb quite disconcerting even on paper the other day, and ceremoniously tossed it in a litter bin, careful to hold the blotter by the corner.

    My ultimate perfume bomb experience was being forcibly perfumed eight times in the neck area with Mona di Orio Nuit Noire by an over-zealous SA in Paris. It was the scent equivalent of a "necklacing" attack, and I was forced to return to the hotel and write off the rest of the day.

    Gendarme - nice, but a trifle soapy, if I remember rightly?

  4. Hi kjanicki! I'm glad you relate to this experience. Bold move to wear the perfume all day 'just to make sure you didn't like it!'

  5. Hi LBV - pathetic story, huh? You could be right - I may have been 'off' a bit chemically yesterday (wouldn't be the first time).

    Actually, the Gendarme scent memory was intact (I don't believe it had changed) but my perception of it was just TOTALLY different.

  6. FS - thanks for the sympathy. Your Nuit Noire experience sounds awful! Forcible perfuming should be against the law, don't you think? Nothing is worse than the over-zealous SA... except when bra shopping.

  7. Mine is Prada- I know everyone loves it but on me it really doesn't work- I want to like it but no- it nearly ruined my first afternoon in Manhatten such was the headache

  8. Hi Rose - so sorry about the Prada! It's never really worked on me, either, and I have also worn perfumes that nearly ruined a vacation day. Those, we never forget.



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