Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Azuree with a Little Something Special

Today is the Best Day Ever.  

Dad and I visit Mom's grave (today is the five month anniversary of her death), we go to lunch and then ride the 3-wheeler and play with the John Deere tractors.

I had so much fun.

We have already made plans that, next time I visit, I will ride the 4-wheeler - while Dad rides the the 3-wheeler - to the shooting range in the lower field.  Dad will then instruct me on the Beretta.

That's right, Josephine Has A Gun.  

Scent of the Day is Estee Lauder's Azuree.  Readers of this blog know that Azuree was my Mother's Signature Scent years ago.  If ever a perfume captured the best of life on the farm, and Mom's feisty spirit, it's Azuree.

Even though it starts out all Lysol, Azuree gradually mellows to a beautiful, worn leather with an herbal, earthy drydown.  

Grain in burlap sacks.

Barley and wood.

Diesel exhaust.

Feeling sweaty and sticky, after a 91 degree day on the farm, I come home and spray Tea Rose, hoping to feel refreshed until I shower before bed.  The combination of Azuree and Tea Rose is amazing.

Dewy freshness paired with old leather, woods and vetiver.

It's a good day - Mom would be happy.


  1. I've just found your blog via Perfume Shrine- I'm sorry to hear about your Mum but this is a lovely post and can completely understand you wearing her perfume on this day. All the best to you and your Dad.

  2. Rose, I'm so glad that you came to visit! Thank you for your kind words. It was wonderful to have memories of my mother surround me all day through her perfume.

  3. You describe the farm scent associations with your mother beautifully, and it must be comforting to wear a perfume that has sentimental value because she wore it, and which also captures these earthy, rustic notes in a bottle.

  4. Hi FS! Honestly, I didn't realize how the notes of Azuree would align with the scents of the farm until now. It was definitely comforting and meaningful.

  5. Considering how emphatic Azuree is, I love the idea of taking it out on a three-wheeler. And bringing it back for the four-wheeler and the Beretta.

    When you use the smell of the fields and the machines as a layer between it and rose, I am quite intrigued.

    Days of contact are good. You had a good one here...your mom, your Dad, your senses, the future. May you find them littering your weeks regularly. :)

  6. ScentSelf, hello! Azuree was weirdly right on the farm, adding the perfect compliment to the earthy smells of the day.

    You're right, days of contact are good, sometimes magical.

    Thanks for your kind wishes.



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