Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dirty English and Perfume Obsession

Today is lazy.  Really lazy.

B-man leaves this morning to get a haircut and do some 'hunting and gathering' (his phrase for shopping).  

When he comes back, his first comment, upon seeing me unkempt, with an ugly gray and black bandanna on my head - wash woman style - is, 'did you pick all the potatoes?'  

Smart ass.

I'm helping him understand how much time I spend ruminating about perfume when I have no other distractions to occupy my mind.  For example, in preparation for a soiree with my sisters last night, I sample three perfumes to determine which is most appropriate for a hot, breezy evening on the deck. 

The Candidates are:

1)  Gucci eau de parfum
2)  Bandit
3)  Dirty English

As you can see, I'm diverting from typical summer scents because I'm feeling persnickety and entitled.

Staycations mess with you that way.

As it turns out, the Gucci EdP is just too 'root beer' and it seems syrupy sweet.  I read somewhere that this is meant to be a modern take on Femme.  Perhaps because of that, it is quickly deemed All Wrong.

Bandit is a perfume that I love for about 30 minutes, then it just pisses me off.  Seriously, every time I wear it, I find myself thinking, 'why am I so cranky?'   My most charming self has limited tolerance for inconvenience, and Bandit shortens the fuse.  Not wanting to risk my party mood, Bandit is a no-go. 

Dirty English wins.  

Disclaimer:  In general, I dislike all things Juicy Couture and feel the apparel is overdone and overpriced.  The perfume marketed to women is overwrought.  In fact, had I not run across it accidentally, I may have avoided Dirty English, knowing it was a product of Juicy Couture.

Marketing power in reverse.

As it turns out, Dirty English is quite pleasant, with a leathery vibe throughout the perfume's journey.  Actually, it's not all that dirty, with top notes of bergamot and cedar.  Dirty English gets brighter (meaning more floral) in the heart notes and ends with a trail of leather, amber and musk.  It brings to mind Frederic Malle's French Lover in the drydown.

Dirty English works well in hot weather, marries nicely with food, and it doesn't piss me off.

I like it.


  1. the potato picking comment brings to mind the conception scene of Oskar's mother in "The Tin Drum" ;)

  2. This is such a funny post! And Mr Bonkers - it must be the B- connection - also speaks about "hunter gathering" when he goes to the takeaway for us: for example, the other night he proudly hunted and gathered a couple of spring rolls. I am afraid he never makes it as far as the supermarket for a proper shop, calling this "a major undertaking outside my sphere of competence". Given that on the one time we tried it he returned with a single mutant DWARF aubergine instead of simply a small one (as in "regular small"), I am inclined to agree.

    Do you mean the Gucci by Gucci in the brown bottle with the blingy tassle thingy? If so, I do like it but rarely feel in the mood for it for some reason.

    Bandit would be too generally hardcore for me, and like you I have adopted a snooty attitude towards Juicy Couture in the past for exactly the same reasons. Maybe I should park my prejudices and give this a spin!

  3. Bloody Frida, I have neither read the book nor seen the movie, but I'm intrigued and now must check it out!

  4. Hi, FS - glad you enjoyed the post. My husband does all of the grocery shopping because I am incapable of making small food decisions and turn into a three year old, adding 'fun' items to the cart that I change my mind about once we get home. It is quite 'outside of my sphere of competence' as well.

    Yes, I'm talking the heavy, squarish bottle of Gucci eau de parfum, although I don't recall any tassle thingy. Like you, I think it's fine, but never seem to be in the mood to actually wear it.

    Give DE a try - I'd be interested in your thoughts!

    BTW, if you would like a small decant of Niki de St Phalle, e-mail me your info at and I'd be happy to send it!

  5. Hi Josephine,

    I may well have imagined the tassle, or be confusing the bottle with the one on Tous Touch, which additionally has a teddy bear attached to it. : - )

    Shall look out for DE in town and let you know. I am curious about NdSP and that is a kind offer I wouldn't mind taking you up on!

  6. Dirty English is great - soft and coolly woody/leathery. Would never have gone near it without your tip off, so thanks!



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