Monday, July 19, 2010

Perfume - and Life - at Leisure

This week, I'm on Staycation. 

Lady of leisure, doing whatever I want, whenever I want.

All week.

Years have passed since I took unstructured time off.  Last Thursday, I had an epiphany where I realized that, a) the hospital will not close its doors without me and, b) I really need a break. 

My work is fast-paced and high drama, which is one reason I love it.  Usually, this is the perfect compliment to my tranquil, perfume filled routine at home.  

However, in light of this year's life changing events, my energy reserves are down.  In fact, the last time I took a week off was to help plan and attend my mother's funeral.

Of course, perfume is a comfort and an indulgence that I will enjoy all week; sampling, blogging then sampling again.  

And blogging again.

Scent of the Day is Niki de St Phalle.  I ordered this in the Last Killer Sale, thinking it was a chypre.  In my defense, many reviews list the notes of oakmoss, vetiver, woods and other chypre-ish things, so I made an easy assumption.

It is so not a chypre.

Having said that, it's not half bad, either, but it could replace all of the oxygen in a room if over-applied (not that I would ever...).  Plus, my skin tends to sweeten everything just a bit, so I'm sensitive to the precious factor in all perfumes.  NdSP is sweeter than I hoped.  

Woods?  Barely.  Vetiver?  You wish.  Oakmoss?  No.

To my nose, NdSP is primarily jasmine and ylang ylang with enough other stuff to make it interesting and wearable. What that 'stuff' is exactly, I'm not sure.

It's not oakmoss, that's all I'm sayin'.

I'll be Nosing Around all week.


  1. Josephine, I hope you have a good week off. Take it easy.


  2. Great review! Have a great staycation. Sounds like you deserve/need it!

  3. Mm. Jasmine and ylang ylang sounds very interesting. And, ah, unstructured time off. I'm jealous, even though I just finished my vacation. (Which was structured only to the extent that we hauled ourselves to the park before falling down and doing nothing in particular.)

  4. Michael, thanks! I am following your advice - taking it easy and enjoying myself.

    Work? What work?

  5. LBV, hello! The staycation is wonderful. I must do this more often!

  6. Hi ChickenFreak! You may actually enjoy NdSP as it is interesting and has great staying power. Once I'm over the disappointment of it not being a chypre, I will revisit it again with a more open mind.

    Unstructured time is as wonderful as I hoped it would be. Sounds like your vacation was awesome as well!

  7. Your relaxing staycation sounds overdue, given the hectic life you lead and - as I now realise - the loss of a parent as well as a pet in the same 6 month period.

    NdSP is a scent that I have long been curious about, though it is not readily accessible over here. Thanks for the heads up about the distinct lack of oakmoss!

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