Saturday, July 3, 2010

Star Spangled Perfume

Happy July 4th weekend!  

The weather is stunning this morning - crisp (60 degrees), crystal clear and bursting with what I like to call 'Happy Air.'  

Later today, my sister is hosting a holiday party for our family.  She always pays special attention to the details of decorating and creating a theme for our get-togethers.  I'm in a feisty party mood myself!

Of course, I'm already wondering what might be the perfect perfume for this evening's event.  I could play it safe with something fresh and summery, like DKNY, Jardin en Mediterrannee, Sur le Nil or Kenzo's Summer.  

Or I could shake it up.

Borneo, Ambre Sultan, Azuree and even Rumba all sound exciting.  Rumba, I have never worn, owning it primarily because it is an early composition of the brilliant Jean-Claude Ellena.  (Wave a lighter over your head for Ellena if you're a fellow groupie.)

What is your perfect Fourth of July perfume?


  1. *flick*

    I'm wearing a lot of Timbuktu these days (though Friday I did wear Nil), though I don't think it's very Fourth of July-ish - probably I should find some american made scent!

    Enjoy your weekend, Josephine!

  2. Hi Bloody Frida - Nice to hear from another Ellena fan. I ended up wearing Cabaret yesterday, which was oddly right. I'll be posting about Timbuktu soon - funny you mention that.

    BTW, just ordered Agent Provocateur - excited to try it!

    Happy weekend to you, too!

  3. Oh, Cabaret was probably a good pick! It was far too hot here for that one - I like it in the fall. I like that big puffy musk.

    I like Rumba too, but it is about as atypical an Ellena as you could imagine... big pot o' stewed fruit, with honey. And dirty musk. I particularly like that one in winter - there's this "hot dust" aspect in the drydown that I just love; it smells like the first winter day you turn the heat on.

    I wore HM Haute Couture, nice citrusy green jasmine thingy. Could have happily worn Vamp a NY, but didn't.

  4. Hello, Muse! I have yet to wear Rumba but sure like your description - it does feel like a winter scent (love the 'first winter day you turn on the heat' comment).

    Thanks for visiting - take care!

  5. Hello Josephine! I have a big old bottle of Rumba. Would you like a decant? I don't have much for supplies right now, but if you wanted to send me a bottle to decant into, I wouldn't mind sharing! It's a plummy, beeswaxy, outrageous scent. I wear it in the summer too, but LIGHTLY. I should actually grab a few roll-on bottles to decant in, for it and my Aqaba, which is much too strong when I spray it.

  6. Hi Prosetry! Thanks for the Rumba offer, but I also have a fairly big bottle - just haven't worn it out of my house yet.

    I like your idea of a roll-on bottle. Perhaps I'll try that. Aqaba is lovely, too.

    Thanks for visiting!



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