Sunday, July 11, 2010

A New Era Begins with Agent Provocateur

This new era (B-man's term) - without our cat, Leo - begins with a new perfume, Agent Provocateur.  It also includes our sheltie, Paige, officially crowning herself as the 'Queen of the Universe.'

This was only mildly unclear before.

Bloody Frida (read here) piqued my interest in AP awhile ago.  Then, I missed the opportunity to order it in the last Killer Sale.  Not to be defeated, I purchased it last week and it is now, finally, in my posession.

The great thing is, it's working for me.  AP is not the sillage monster that some claim, and it changes throughout the drydown, which is precisely what I was hoping for.  An olfactory road trip.

Metallic rose is the first note that greets my senses, bringing Fembots to mind (pausing for mental digression...).  Soon after, saffron emerges, gracefully assuming a leadership position.  We all know who's in charge now.  

No, Paige, not you.

Saffron holds court for some time before vetiver steps up for a challenge.  Leather clad homeys hang back, ready to step in if vetiver gets his ass kicked.  Saffron simply chuckles, pulls out a deck of cards and offers everyone a beer.  Their co-mingling creates the weirdly pleasant mustiness of a damp cellar.

Finally, after the sweaty boys have gone home, AP changes once more with a drydown infused with cardamom.  Herbal and musky with just a hint of spice.

Agent Provocateur is comforting only in the fact that it seems in control of itself.  Unabashedly metrosexual, it exudes 'elegant butch,' which is surprisingly sexy.

What's that, Paige?  Yes, I know you are elegantly butch, but you're not wearing my perfume.


  1. I really like AP, especially in winter. I am also partial to Strip (though that took a few attempts to appreciate on account of the honking geraium note). Maitresse smells a bit more commercial/crass, but occasionally I am in the mood for it too.

    Sadly, I think my cute little AP mini may have turned, as it seems dirtier than I remember. I would almost say there was civet in there, or something earthy and disagreeable that I swear wasn't present before.

  2. Great post! And so life goes on....I have a little via of AP somewhere, have been meaning to try it. Now I will.

  3. Hi FS! I haven't tried Strip, but I have read about it some and I'm curious. Sometimes AP smells 'dirtier' to me than others. But then, I'm kind of into dirty perfumes.

  4. LBV, hello! Yes, life - and perfume - always go on. I'll be curious to hear your thoughts on AP!



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