Friday, July 23, 2010

Easter Perfume at the Cemetery

Today, B-man and I spend the day in Park City, an easy 40-minute drive from our home.  First, we go shopping (you can imagine how successful that is...), then meander to the old mining cemetery just west of downtown. 

Cemeteries are my thing, even though I cannot stand the thoughts of burial and all that goes into the process. (Our local newspaper regularly features an ad that shows a young-ish couple smiling joyfully, promoting their mortuary.  As if it has nothing to do with dead people.  Creeps me out.)  

Nevertheless, I find cemeteries meditative, soothing and high drama all at once.  Today, we revisit headstones of mothers and fathers who died young in the 1800's, surrounded by the smaller headstones of their children that lived a day, a month or sometimes a year.   

Few things have the same ability to add immediate perspective to my over-analyzed life and encourage me to take everything a bit less serious. 

Mom was a cemetery junkie, too.  Fortunately, she got to visit this one - my favorite - a couple of years ago.

Scent of the Day?  

My Easter blend:  Sur le Nil and Tea Rose.

Photos taken today at Glenwood Cemetery in Park City


  1. Cemeteries are meditative places as you say, and also a great source of social history. I recently visited the graveyard where my great x 5 grandfather (b. 1711) and a host of other relatives are buried, and seeing those stones not only made me feel connected to real people who are my direct ancestors, but to the houses they lived in, trades they plied etc.

  2. I love it that you are a cemetery fan! That is pretty cool!



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