Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cuir d'Arabie - Almost Great

Following Michael's mention of Montale's Cuir d'Arabie, over at From Top to Bottom - Perfume Patter, I simply had to apply it this morning to see if my second impression was different than the first.

I initially sampled CdA several months ago.  For 30 minutes, I was blown away, certain I had found the Next Great Leather Perfume.

Today, along with aoud, tobacco and leather, CdA produced a distracting spice undercurrent that I don't remember from the previous wearing.   

It's so unnecessary.

To CdA's credit, the top notes are leathery from the get-go, and the leather remains throughout the drydown.  This is no small feat.

While CdA is technically beautiful, it just doesn't blow my dress up and I've spent the entire day wondering why.  Perhaps it's not weird enough to be truly compelling.  Or maybe it's because, on me, CdA is a close-to-the-skin perfume that lacks 'throw' and, therefore, dramatic impact.

I may wear it on occasion, but it won't threaten Black Aoud's position in the Top Five.

Other thoughts on Cuir d'Arabie?

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  1. " it just doesn't blow my dress up " hahahahaa - love it!



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