Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cowboy Boots and Lonestar Memories

Today, I went shopping for cowboy boots.   It's 95 degrees and I am wearing my weekend uniform of capri drawstring pants, a camisole and flip flops.  

Not exactly boot weather.

Boots would not even be on the horizon except I was asked to MC our annual hospital barbecue on Thursday, which happens to have a western theme this year.

Stupidly, I said yes.  

This morning, feeling all rough and rangy, I consider Tauer's Lonestar Memories as the scent of the day.  Then, I remember how the Marlboro Man opening morphs into an A&W root beer drydown on my skin. 

Lacking further creativity, I am, to this point, scentless.

Every day in my work, I put myself Out There through presentations, trainings, project reports and meeting facilitation.  None of those things intimidate me.  

Standing in front of a huge crowd with a live band, throwing out impromptu witty banter?  

Oh, hell no.

After B-man and I work over several stores and find nothing I like in the way of boots, I begin to consider who, on my team, could take this MC assignment.  

Feeling more creative already.

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  1. Every boy in Texas should have his own pair of cowboy boots!

  2. I love, LOVE, the photo! Somewhere in my stash, I have a picture of my middle kid at the age of 3 (he's now 11), sitting on my bedroom floor wearing nothing but a smile and his dad's cowboy boots. I'm sure it would embarrass him to death, so it's under wraps - but it's precious.

    Have you tried SSS Tabac Aurea? Or to go the name-only route, how about Stetson?

  3. Does that child have the merest smidge of cellulite? If so, I love the photo too!

    (In the UK, people can hardly take photos of partially naked children any more - even their own - even at home! Fully clothed kids playing in a park that aren't your own are also borderline. The anti-paedophile lobby has led to record levels of fear and paranoia, and genuine innocence seems to have been lost along the way.)

  4. Muse, I'm glad you liked the photo. Anyone who has boys recognizes every little guy's desire to be a cowboy.

    I have tried Stetson (went a bit sweet on me) but not SSS Tabac Aurea. Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Hi Flitter - I think it is cellulite - wow, do I feel better about myself!

    Your comments about the UK are interesting. In fact, I questioned whether or not to post the photo because sensitivity is high in the US as well, but perhaps a bit less vigilant.



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