Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Luscious Poeme

Every time I wear Poeme, as I did yesterday, B-man says, "that's luscious."  No other perfume gets this response.

Poeme is a floral symphony, beginning with soprano top notes accompanied by a hint of rubber.

Seductively screechy.

Within minutes, however, Poeme adds its buttery, alto note.  This is Big Girl perfume.  Chicks Rule perfume.    I am Woman Hear Me Roar perfume.

You get the idea.

With Poeme, I find myself  moving with more grace and speaking more gently.  Not like Monday, when f-bombs were waiting to fly out of my mouth like the monkeys on Wizard of Oz.  

Poeme ensures my frontal lobe remains intact and engaged.

Sadly, I have forgotten what it's like to wear girly perfume.  For the past months - we don't know why - I've been on an anti-floral/sweet/spicy/oriental/gourmand kick.  As you can imagine, this narrows the field.

But yesterday, as I caught whiffs of Poeme, elegant and thoroughly luscious, I  thought  'it's time - unleash the girly girl within.'

That felt good.


  1. I've never tried that one and now I will, thanks! I wonder if my husband will like it.

  2. I must revisit - I don't think I was feeling nearly girly girl enough last time I tried it in store...

  3. Great... another one to hunt down now... "Girly-girl" activates my lemming glands. :)

    I also want that t-shirt I saw on Zazzle that says, "Don't make me release my flying monkeys." (That's girly-girl, too, isn't it?)

    But the SOTD is La Myrrhe. Ooooh.

  4. Shoot. This means I have a penchant for a girly-girl perfume.

    I haven't pulled it out in quite a while...maybe it is time. I haven't forgotten what it's like to wear girly girl perfume, but haven't chosen to, either.

    Glad it went well. :)

  5. Hi kjanicki - you should definitely try Poeme. I avoided wearing it around my husband at first, certain he would think it was 'too much.' The fact that he thought it was luscious was an unexpected treat!

  6. FS - if you're not feeling a bit girly girl, Poeme probably won't work. It's not always right, but when it is, IT IS. Let me know what you think!

  7. Muse, hello! Love the 'lemming gland' - I have it, too! Have never tried La Myrrhe, but now you've tweaked MY lemming gland.

    Give Poeme a try.

  8. Hi, SS! If you haven't worn Poeme for awhile (as I hadn't), pull it out and give it a whirl.

    I'd be interested in knowing how it works for you!



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