Monday, May 31, 2010

Paestum Rose - The Great Disappearing Act

A Rose without a Cause hooks me every time - the more rebellious, the better.  Le Labo's Rose 31 made me squeal with delight.  Before even sampling Paestum Rose by Eau d'Italie, I was positioned to love it.  

Come to Mama.

Paestum Rose smells like the inside of a cedar chest at first sniff. This is all good as I love cedar. Still living the dream, I coax it along, encouraging more darkness, more herbs and more rose, certain those elements are just around the corner.  For a time, it does gain depth, teasing me with the promise of more woodiness and incense.  Briefly, it intersects with Cannabis Rose.  All in all, we're heading in the right direction.  

Then, the unthinkable happens.  Paestum Rose makes a last run through cedar-ville and quickly fades away to nothing.  Nada. 

Normally, I don't have issues with the staying power of perfume, even with an eau de toilette.  But, at least on my skin, after multiple testings, Paestum Rose is memorable only for its ability to disappear without a trace.


  1. oh man, that stinks (no pun intended!)

  2. Bloody Frida, you are so right!

    We hosted a family get-together today and at times, when we were preparing for the party, I thought of you with a bit of envy. Hope you enjoyed your day!

  3. :) I'm happy now that it didn't do that to me (although I had the same experience a day before with sth else).
    It's not terribly long-lasting, but I'm ok with that.

  4. Ines, thanks for visiting! Apparently, chemistry does matter. Glad PR works for you.



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