Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fracas - Magnificently Slutty

ATTENTION:  Fracas is a perfume to be worn deliberately, not as an afterthought.  It makes a come hither statement - among others - so if you're feeling a bit wall-flowery, leave it alone.

I ran across the EdP at our local Costco a couple of years ago while I was shopping, most likely for cheese.  

Inner Critic is embarrassed for me to share these facts (both Costco and the cheese), viewing them as pedestrian details that I should keep to myself. 

To me, these trivial facts add to the charm of my first encounter with Fracas.  Had it not jumped into my path, a year would have gone by before I attended Sniffapalooza and discovered its wanton pleasures. 

My Nose on Fracas:


Lemon Pledge
Black Ink


Whipped Cream
Crayola Crayons

And then...



Fracas lasts on my skin for hours and I truly love it.  For a long time, I wouldn't wear it in front of B-man, thinking he would shrink from the Smell Me! greeting.  As it turns out, he loves it, too, describing it as 'fresh.' 


Fracas may be fresh, but it's also incredibly sexy in a way that says, 'I'm hot, but not necessarily for you.'  

Wear it wisely.


  1. LOL at "I'm hot, but not necessarily for you!"

    And the Costco details were key to our understanding of what an incredible bargain this was! At my local Asda (Wal*Mart) there are no such prestigious bargains at the scent counter...

  2. I love your notes list. It's a weird and wonderful perfume. I don't think slutty when I smell it. Certainly it's a massive, cleavage spilling over the top perfume, but it's friendly. Ok, maybe that is slutty.

    My husband once told me that a Musk Nomade was "fresh and summery." Men can be weird.

  3. Hi FS - glad to give you a laugh - we all need that!

    Finding Fracas at Costco was just a freakish stroke of good luck. Thanks for validating my choice to share the experience. Inner Critic is such a snob.

  4. kjanicki, hello! You're right - it's the weirdness of Fracas that I am most drawn to. On me, it keep the inky quality throughout, which I love.

    I like the 'fresh and summery' comment. Everyone's nose is unique, I suppose.



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